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Number of people studying Chinese on rise in Uzbekistan


06-24-2016 18:14 BJT

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Thanks to the "One Belt One Road" economic and development inititiative introduced by President Xi Jinping in 2013, people from more and more Asian countries are learning Chinese. That includes Uzbekistan, where many youngsters at Confucius Schools in Tashkent are studying not just the language, but also immersing themselves in the culture.

Martial arts, fan dancing, and Taichi, even speeches - all made in Chinese, these typical Chinese style performances are delivered by youngsters from Uzbekistan. The time span in which they have been studying Chinese varies, from a few months to more than ten years. But they all share a common interest for Chinese language and culture.

"We've learned Chinese for more than six years. Because we like it, we don't think it's very difficult to learn it," said a student at Confucius School in Tashkent.

"I want to learn martial arts or Taichi from a Chinese teacher," said another studeng at Confucius School in Tashkent.

"I've been studying Chinese for three years. In addition to learning Chinese at the Confucius school, I also study the language and Chinese dancing at the Chinese culture center," a student at Confucius School in Tashkent said.

This girl named Xie Na is the first prize winner of the Chinese Bridge competition held in Uzbekistan. All of her family members are avid Chinese learners. Her mother used to be a teacher at a Confucius school, while her father works at a Chinese company. 

"The most beneficial thing that came from me learning Chinese is to help them master Chinese well. This language skill will do them good in the future," she said.

"This plate with a panda on it was drawn by my younger sister when she was in a Chinese kindergarden," she also said.

At Xie Na's home, you can watch many Chinese TV programs like Beijing satellite TV and Kaku Kids. 

Xie Na's father says his mastery of Chinese has had many benefits, and that the "One Belt One Road" policy will lead to more cooperation between the two countries.

"Years ago, I heard that a "corridor" or passageway would be built through Uzbekistan, to Kyrgyztan to China. If that is built, it would be a very fast path linking Europe and Asia," he said.

As the number of families like Xie Na's are on the rise, the bond between China and Uzbekistan is sure to grow stronger.

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