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Shanghai carries out campaign on traffic management

Reporter: Shi Wenjing 丨 CCTV.com

06-24-2016 10:58 BJT

Authorities in Shanghai are carrying out a citywide campaign to decongest major roadways and the target --- drivers who violate road traffic regulations.

Traffic has always been an issue for large urban areas.

He Hongming is a bus driver who transports passengers everyday along this important road connecting the east and west of the city.

No one knows better than him about rush hour traffic.

"There’s always traffic jams on this main road. Sometimes I have to drive over ten minutes just for one stop. I really hate how some drivers drive in the bus lane or park at the bus stop. It causes trouble and is not safe," He said.

It is quite common to see drivers causing huge problems in the traffic by the way they change lanes. This new traffic management campaign started in late March across the city, focusing mainly on illegal traffic behavior. More than 50,000 police have been assigned to crackdown on traffic offenses in an attempt to ease the city's congestion.

"We found out illegal traffic behavior is related to traffic congestion. It directly constrains the traffic development of the city. Only after we take the root causes out of the illegal behavior, can we ensure good order in the traffic," said Wei Kairen, deputy head of Traffic Corps. Shanghai Police Bureau.

Progress has been made over the past three months of strict law enforcement.

Official figures in June show an over 11-percent drop in traffic-related alarms compared to figures in April. Meanwhile, the number of accidents dropped by 40 percent, casualties by almost 20 percent and injuries by 60 percent.

"The most important idea is that it is a way to help people form a good habit of good behavior while driving. We should have the law in our mind and behave well so that a virtuous circle of action will be formed," said Shanghai resident.

A platform for reporting problems has been opened to the public to allow citizens participate in the campaign further. Residents can send in evidence of traffic incidents, creating a cross-city network.

So far, more than nine thousand pieces of evidence have been uploaded to the platform by residents. Offending drivers will be punished after the evidence against them is verified.

"During this campaign, we connect the offenses with the personal credit system. We are now working on the rules relating to residence cards. This will hugely increase the cost of violating traffic laws," said Bai Shaokang, head of Shanghai Police Bureau.

"Shanghai wants to become a global city. We are now working on how to let residents participate in the management of the city. It is important to the development of the city and will help improve its competitiveness," said Xiao Lin, head of Dev't and Reform Center, Shanghai Munipal Government.

An open mind and innovative approach is necessary to realize urban management needs. As the test field of the country, Shanghai is trying to make the city a better place to live.

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