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Trade on Lancang-Mekong River rises

Reporter: Meng Qingsheng 丨 CCTV.com

07-10-2016 14:36 BJT

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China has said the South China Sea issue should not be a problem between it and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, also known as ASEAN. All sides vowed to deepen practical maritime cooperation and jointly safeguard peace and stability in the South China Sea. This came during a meeting between senior officials last month. Meanwhile, cross-boundary trade along the Lancang-Mekong River, which runs through five ASEAN countries, is booming.

Sailing upstream along the Mekong River.

Captain Aiwang finally arrived at Guanlei Port, the final stop of his two-day voyage.

The captain from Laos has been trading on water for 16 years.

"I have developed a close connection with the Mekong River after years of working on the waterway. Sometimes, when I have nothing to do at home, I will go to the ship, and sleep in it, as I have been accustomed to the life and everything on the river," Captain Aiwang said.

For most part of his career, Aiwang transported timber from Bokeo Province in Laos to China's Yunnan.

It's a lucrative business as the demand is huge in China.

The Mouang Mom Port where he departed from is on the Laotian side of the Golden Triangle.

At one point, the place was overrun by cross-border crimes, especially drug trafficking.

"It's safe enough for us to sail up and down the Mekong River, as there are policemen now patrolling at major points. And it won't be a troubling experience for us any more to find a safe place to anchor our boat. There's always someone to protect us," Aiwei said.

Zheng Guangyu is another captain doing trans-national business along the Mekong River. He has more choices than his Laotian counterpart in selecting goods to deliver.

Things like machinery, fruits and daily commodities are welcomed in the ASEAN market.

"The ASEAN market is a huge one to me, so is the consumption power of the people in the region. It's practically like that of Chinese consumers. They like Chinese products, and Chinese products are competitive there. We think highly of the ASEAN market," Zheng said.

Trade between China and ASEAN countries is booming here in Yunnan Province. This, in a large part, is due to the improved security conditions along the Mekong River. And the province is expected to play an even bigger role as a crucial hub of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Zheng Guangyu has been working on the river for over two decades. His shipping company has been stationed at Guanlei Port ever since the business was established.

The veteran captain says he is optimistic about the changes that will be brought about by the Belt and Road Initiative, along with other policies.

"I hope that Guanlei Port will be enhanced into a first-tier border port. And more favorable policies should be implemented, like near-border, tariff-free trading, and animal products transaction and storage. That will definitely boost the shipping industry here," Zheng said.

This time round, Zheng Guangyu will travel downstream the Mekong to Thailand. He says he enjoys the business opportunities connecting China with ASEAN countries, as they are nourished by the same river.

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