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95th Anniversary Of The CPC: Serving the People ep.9


07-12-2016 11:08 BJT

Full coverage: 95 years of glory

This year marks the 95th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China, or CPC. Over the course of 95 years, The Communist Party of China has been leading a path of development for China. Now it has a new goal: To Build a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects. Experts and former high-ranking officials say this is definitely achievable, and is important for the development of the world economy. 

"It can certainly be achieved. Because it's based on truth and the truth is that every human being is valuable, there is no human being who is by birth higher and some human beings that are lower, some countries that are higher, some countries that are lower, that is not happen. Every human being, every country, big or small, they all have the same, same status. And therefore, when you talk of well off society, it means that all human beings should have their basic necessities met, their basic human needs met. And when people have equal opportunities, each individual will grow to his or her full potential. I think it's achievable, and it's not a utopia, it's possible to achieve it and every country in the world should thrive to achieve the level of well-off society," said Sudheendra Kulkarni Chairman, Observer Research Foundation Mumbai.

"Well, the government has an ambitious objective to raise or double per capita income over the next five years. I think the goal is achievable. It will not require however China returned to the rapid ten percent growth of the 1980-2010 period. I think this can be achieved with the government's new targets of about 6% and 6.5% of growth. The importance for China I think is less on hitting quantity targets and more on hitting quality targets. If China is able to do that, then its goals for a moderately well-off society are achievable, important and likely to occur," said Stephen Roach Senior Research Fellow, Yale University, USA.

"It means that China will enjoy higher wages and more advanced investment. I know this is happening in China already, because we see it on the streets of Australian cities. Chinese tourists turn up, middle class tourists with a lot of dollars in their pockets and it's being big. Now they couldn’t do it if it won't for the success of the Chinese economy. China is going to be a middle class economy, what China calls a moderately prosperous society," said Bob Carr Former Foreign Minister of Australia.

"I think it's a tremendous and huge challenge to continue developing China, to continue developing the country, offering jobs for the new generation, assuring a better level of life for the people of China. Of course, having clear strategies, having clear targets, and looking always to the future not to the past. It's has been the best decision taken by the leadership of the country. And to appreciate once again the political leadership has changed China and the life of the Chinese people. Not like 95 years, but like 200, 300 years. And this is really great. And that's why now China is such an important and respected actor on the international stage. Because a country, a people and even the world needs leadership, needs to show that there is a strategy, that there are goals to be achieved. And then if this strategy and these goals are very positive, the people would follow and will be satisfied with this," said Victor Ponta Former Prime Minister of Romania.

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