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Pizza maker robots: Business uses latest technology to top its growth

Reporter: Fang Jian 丨 CCTV.com

07-12-2016 15:04 BJT

Just like in the movies, robots are slowly starting to become more integrated in daily life. In Silicon Valley, they're even being created and deployed to take on one of America's favorite foods -- pizza. CCTV's Mark Niu has the details.

Alexander Garden, co-founder and executive chairman of Zume Pizza, said, "Not every pizza on the truck is attached to an existing order. The remaining pizzas are what we call the predictive pizzas. We have an algorithm which allows us to very actively predict what people are going to order and where they are going to order it."

"And Zume isn't done making robots either. It's currently working on Vincenzo-a more expensive robot that can take the pizza from this 850 degree oven and deliver it to a mobile oven, which will go onto the delivery trucks," said Mark Niu.

"Is your ultimate goal to have no humans making pizza, all robotic?" Mark asked.  

"Yeah that's right. We believe probably by the end of this year we'll have reached that milestone. We're not eliminating jobs, we're eliminating routine and repetitive tasks. As a matter of fact everyone in the company we're committed to for the long term," Garden replied.

Joe Lozano, an employee of Zume Pizza, said, "Definitely, no job threatening problems here. Right now I'm learning HTML, CSS which is basically webpages and is learning how to create webpages and stuff like that and later I plan on learning more like Python, JavaScript."

"The average shop spends about an hour a day just folding pizza boxes so we thought we can definitely do better. So our box is made from sugar cane fiber as opposed to cardboard. So it's not only recyclable, but fully compostable. When you do cut your pizza all of the juices run right into the center so your pizza is never soggy," Julia Collins,co-founder and CEO of Zume Pizza said.

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