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Beijing Dance Festival at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

Reporter: Song Yaotian 丨 CCTV.com

07-28-2016 00:56 BJT

Established dancer and choreographer Sang Jijia has graced the Beijing Dance Festival with his latest work, "Fragile Beauty". The dance drama embodies his thoughts on our fast-paced changing society. The performers hail from the City Contemporary Dance Company of Hong Kong - the same city that served as inspiration for Sang's piece.

The highly-anticipated modern dance performance "Fragile Beauty" debuted at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center on Friday night. Tibetan choreographer Sang Jijia and his long time collaborator and experimental musician Dickson Dee joined hands for this piece, after their well-received project "As If To Nothing".

Sang Jijia created the dance drama after he returned to the City Contemporary Dance Company as its resident choreographer last year. He lived in Hong Kong 12 years ago. The dance piece expresses his reflections on the changes of the city. Fragile Beauty's Chinese title translates to "Fireworks Easily Cooling Off" -- a name that is suggestive of Sang's longing for the good old days.

"Narrow Escape, Long March"

"Narrow Escape, Long March"

Fireworks by the Victoria Harbor, is something that is intrinsically Hong Kong. Every dancer has a story to tell. And over the years, Sang might have sighed over the changes in the city, such as the economic downturn, and the feeling that the vigor of the past is now lacking.
"I worked in Hong Kong for four years since 1999, and then I left for Europe. I came back to the city last year. I saw a lot of changes. Back in 1999, which was two years after Hong Kong's return, Hong Kong's fireworks were in its biggest bloom, the society was very spirited. But now, people are alittle bit anxious, not knowing where the city is going," said Sang Jijia, choreographer.

"Fireworks Easily Cooling Off"

"Fireworks Easily Cooling Off"

The production concept grows from the nature of glorious yet ephemeral fireworks. As a calm spectator, Sang Ji-jia makes use of his impressive dance techniques and engrossing music to tell the stories. Throughout the entire piece, the choregrapher's message is clear: everything disappears, just like fireworks.

Fragile beauty is one of the 15 shows being performed at the Beijing Dance Festival. It expresses a personal melancholy toward the changes happening in the city. Also on tap is a revolutionary epic "Narrow Escape, Long March". The eclective bill powerfully demonstrates the vast range of themes that modern dance is able to express.

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