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Interview: Indonesia sets up 'China Desk' to attract investors


07-28-2016 17:00 BJT

Indonesia's Investment Coordinating Board recently opened what it calls the "China Desk". That's a special service that caters specifically to Chinese investors looking to improve Indonesia's growing industries such as infrastructure, manufacturing and even pharmaceuticals.

CCTV's Silkina Ahluwalia sat down with the head of the board to talk about how the new desk will help strengthen the One Belt One Road Policy.

Interview: Indonesia sets up

Interview: Indonesia sets up 'China Desk' to attract investors

A: I see what the investors really need. The first they need facilities to discuss more about the potential for investment in Indonesia and the regulations. The second, they need a good partner. After I discussed with the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta, communicate what the investor needs, I decided to set up the China Desk.

Q: China's One Belt One Road strategy aims to connect the world, a very exciting initiative. Do you think this new "China Desk" will strengthen that policy?

A: One Belt One Road is the vision from President Xi Jin Ping and President Jokowi has the vision for the Marine Toll and the two visions connect with the same area in Indonesia. We hope that Indonesia can be at the center of the One Belt One Road Vision in South East Asia. And China Desk is just one area supporting to the success of the vision.

Q: As you've mentioned the One Belt One Road policy is similar to Joko Widodo's Sea Toll program, which aims to connect islands in Indonesia. These two initiatives are definitely in line. Are we seeing Chinese influence in building this Sea Toll road?

A: Yes. Sometimes I'm surprised because the investors from China they're looking for opportunities in the Marine Toll Initiative. For example, more than 3 or 5 investor in the port they're looking for partner to build port in Indonesia to connect with some cities in China.

Q: And of course through this policy, we aren't only seeing benefits in infrastructure and construction projects but also other sectors such as e-commerce and manufacturing. Are investments increasing in those sectors as well?

A: They see the opportunity in Indonesia in toll road, in infrastructure and increasing right now in metal and increasing even more in manufacturing. I don't see enough Chinese investors in e-commerce sector but we hope that in the future we can invite investor like Alibaba or other e-commerce players in China to invest in Indonesia.

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