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What do you know about handball?


08-02-2016 16:02 BJT

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Leading up to the Olympic Games, we will provide tips and rules on certain sports that tend to only get attention every four years. Today -- it is handball.

At the end of the 19th century, a new game was codified in northern Europe and Germany.

Taking inspiration from football and basketball, handball was created.

Handball is a team sport played by two groups of six field players and a goalie. The players come face to face in a 60-minute game on a court measuring 40 by 20 meters. Relying on basic throwing and catching skills, they defend their territory and try to score by throwing the ball into their opponent’s goal net.

Players must bear in mind three rules. First, one can only hold the ball for a maximum of three seconds, or take a maximum of three steps before passing or dribbling. Secondly, as in basketball, double dribbling is not permissible. And lastly, no field player is allowed to cross the crease – an exclusive zone belonging to the goalkeeper.

Defenders cannot obstruct, push, trip or hit attackers with outstretched arms or legs. They also cannot pull the ball out of the other team members’ hands.

Like in the rules of football, handball players who commit a foul would be first given a yellow card as a warning. But the rules change slightly thereafter; players are subjected to a two-minute suspension if they commit another foul. Only two suspensions are permitted before players receive a red card for the next foul, and are subsequently disqualified from the game.

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