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Long March 2F design specs


09-09-2016 14:23 BJT

The Long March 2F carrier rocket will carry the Tiangong-2 space lab into the space. Let's take a look at the special design of the carrier rocket.

The Long March 2-F is a liquid-fueled rocket. It consists of two main parts - the first stage and the second stage. Around its first stage are four liquid-fueled strap-on boosters. They can supply huge extra thrust, enabling the rocket to lift the 8-and-a-half ton Tiangong-2.

Deputy chief designer of Long March 2F, Liu Feng, said, "It will be supplied with huge ascent thrust by the boosters. So it will also have huge acceleration to enter orbit."

Each of the four boosters has engines that have a very similar design. There's also one main engine in the rocket's second stage part.

General structure chief designer of Long March 2F rocket, Rong Yi, said, "We adopted one design as the main engine. It is highly reliable with such a combination of engines. That is also a very key factor that Long March rockets can make such good achievements over the years."

At the top of the Long March 2F is the "payload fairing." It reduces air resistance during flight and ensures the rocket's main body is in an optimal situation.

The fairing will be abandoned after the carrier rocket rushes out of the condensed atmospheric layer.

Such a design of the Long March 2F makes it fly faster with lighter body. It is able to overcome gravity and run stably in outer space.

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