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A look at the facility where China's carrier rockets are tested

Reporter: Xu Zhen 丨 CCTV.com

09-13-2016 14:47 BJT

China's new space lab Tiangong-2 will be carried into orbit by the Long March 2F rocket. CCTV's Ding Siyue takes a look at where carrier rockets are assembled and tested ahead of the launch.

They say "Preparedness averts peril." This is where Chinese scientists and engineers are preparing the Long March 2F carrier rocket. The building in northwest China's Jiuquan is the only facility capable of assembling manned rockets in the country.

An engineer Zhang Qing said, "The building covers an area of 30-thousand and 6-hundred square meters, and it's 93 meters high. It's internal height is 81-point-6 meters. It's the largest one-storey building for industrial tests in Asia."

Engineers use a platform to conduct examinations and tests on the rocket. A huge crane is used to get the rocket upright. The rocket is then moved to the launch pad vertically.

Engineers say the facility has more to show. "There's another section of this building we call the 'west section' that is identical to the one we are in now. This way, we are able to assemble and test two rockets simultaneously. That means we are able to launch two rockets within a short period," Zhang said.

China's Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft is already in place. After Tiangong-2 leaves earth, the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft will start its journey from right here.

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