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Weather forecaster focused on Tiangong-2's launch


09-13-2016 17:36 BJT

The weather forecasting office at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center is closely watching the sky. CCTV's  reporter introduces us to the station's chief weather forecaster. And we see how important his job is to the success of the Tiangong 2 mission.

A weather meeting is normally held every morning at the launch center.

Chief weather forecaster Kang Lin and his colleagues gather to discuss weather conditions. With Tiangong-2's launch approaching, meetings are now held three to four times a day.

"If the weather conditions are right, the launch will go ahead as planned. This means during the final week, there is a lot of pressure on us," said Kang Lin, short-term weather forecaster.

As an Atmospheric Science graduate from Lan Zhou University, Kang Lin has taken part in several of China's key space projects. He was still a student when he took on his first mission.

Kang also said, "When the Shenzhou-6 astronauts began their journey, it had been snowing.  This meant that we had to precisely forecast the time the snowing would stop, as well as the time for the wind to stop."

"Our forecast provided a guarantee for the mission. We were very excited when we heard the news at school. That was the first time I realized the importance of our work."

Later, Kang came to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

He said, "At the beginning, when I was on duty, we reported that the wind would blow around nine o'clock to ten o'clock. When the clock ticked at eight, I looked through the window to check the trees."

Kang sees his family only once or twice a year. They are thousands of miles away in China's Sichuan province.

However, Kang says he is glad to be a part of the country's space program. He is well-prepared for his next mission: Tiangong-2's launch. 

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