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Studio interview: Tiangong-2 to test key technologies required for future space station


09-15-2016 22:48 BJT

Full coverage: China Tiangong-2 Space Lab Launch

We are joined again in the studio by Professor Yang Yuguang from the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, and Eric Johnson, senior editor from Caixin Media. He is also former China correspondent with Space News.

Q1. OK, now that we've seen the launch, what is the significance of this successful sending of the Tiangong-2 into space?

Q2. The Tiangong-2 now faces many tasks. Experts say the docking with China's first-ever cargo ship and on-orbit propellant refueling will be the most difficult of the primary missions. Why is this, and have we got any experience to learn from its predecessor, Tiangong-1?

Q3. The two visiting astronauts will stay in space for 30 days, doubling China's previous record of 15 days. What does this 30-day stint mean? Has the space lab been specially designed to allow longer stays?

Q4. Tell us your personal observations about the launch, what it looked like from your perspective, how well the launch team worked together. 

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