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Disney criticized for casting of Mulan

Reporter: May Lee 丨 CCTV.com

09-30-2016 00:45 BJT

It was a Disney animation once, but now it's back for round two. The legendary Chinese story of female warrior Mulan will once again hit the silver screen. Only this time it will be as a live-action feature film. Again, Disney is producing the movie but not without some controversy.

Disney's 1998 animated film, Mulan, was inspired by the true story of Hua Mulan a courageous, young woman in China who disguised herself as a man to become a warrior. 

And now Disney is ready to bring Mulan back in a live-action film. But instead of celebration, Mulan fans are sending out a pre-emptive warning to the studio. 

Some 100,000 people have signed a petition asking Disney not to cast a Caucasian actor to play the Chinese character Mulan.

"Whitewashings all too common in Hollywood." the petition states, "His disturbing trend of whitewashing in big-budget movies can't get a chance to take root in Mulan as well." 

Disney is ready to bring Mulan back in a live-action film.

Disney is ready to bring Mulan back in a live-action film.

Film reporter for The Wrap, Meriah Doty, has been following the Disney-Mulan story closely. 

But just this year, two films whitewashed well-known Asian anime and comic book characters. Scarlett Johansson was cast as Motoko Kusanagi and in Dr. Strange, Tilda Swinton plays the Ancient One, originally an Asian male. 

Here at Legacy Comics and Cards, fans of anime, manga and comics have mixed feelings about Hollywood's sometimes controversial choices. 

"In terms of having something that's Japanese oriented and kind of Americanizing it is kinda bad."

"I think it's fine as long as they give it justice."

But according to Asians in Hollywood, better representation is still an uphill battle. 

"There's 17 million Asian Americans in this country and there's 17 million Italian Americans. They have the Godfather, Good Fellas, The Sopranos and Rocky. We got Long Duck Dong so we have a long way to go, but I know we can get there," said Alan Yang, 2016 Emmy winner.

And maybe get there a bit sooner with the help of an authentic live-action Mulan.

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