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Juicing guru Jason Vale talks about his new food book


10-21-2016 00:41 BJT

In his latest book, “Super Fast Food: No Chef Required,” Jason Vale, known as “the juice master” explores a way for people who are not keen on fruit and vegetables to get their vitamins and more.

Vale was not always the health food nut that he is today. The British motivational speaker and author had a number of health problems as a young man thanks to living an unhealthy lifestyle that he would not change because he disliked the taste of fruit and vegetables.

“I knew that fruits and vegetables were the answer and I was fed up with people telling me that if you actually ate more fruits and vegetables, did more exercise, you'd be slimmer and healthier. Hello, Sherlock, I'm aware of this,” Vale said. 

“However, I didn’t like fruits and vegetables at all. So the only reason why I got into juicing was that I found out that all fruits and vegetables have over 80 percent pure organic, liquid fuel and it’s essentially this fuel contained within every fruit and veg that feeds every cell of the body.”

Vale came to the realization he had to do something to make the unpleasant juices enjoyable because his palate was completely repelled to them.

“I was a burger boy, I was a heavy drinker, I had a massive sweet tooth, so those things didn’t taste very nice. So what I did was mix them with freshly extracted apple juice, little bit of pineapple juice and all of a sudden it started to taste good,” he said.

The positive results on his life made him want to, in his words, “crusade to juice the world.”

“My skin improved, my asthma vanished. I’m not saying this is a cure for everyone, it’s my personal case. I lost all the weight, I just felt fantastic, my energy came back,” said Vale.

Vale’s latest book includes recipes for health nuts, as well as meals for lovers of junk food.

“This is real food for real people, it’s uncomplicated, it’s unpretentious, there’s not a single ingredient you need to go to some hip and trendy Notting Hill shop and find some berry that’s only available in the Amazon rainforest. I mean, this is any supermarket you can walk into, get any of these ingredients,” Vale said.

The 100-plus recipes are meant to be healthy and tasty and easy to make. There are also seven-day plans for those who need discipline with their diet.

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