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Sub-anchor: China's anti-corruption achievements since 2013


10-25-2016 12:15 BJT

Full coverage: The Sixth Plenum of the 18th CPC Central Committee

Since President Xi Jinping took office in 2013, China has witnessed a sweeping anti-corruption campaign. What achievements have been made so far?

Let me start with some stunning figures. Since 2013, the Party's anti-corruption body has brought over a million people to account for violating either laws or Party disciplinary regulations. And over a million cases of corruption have been filed. This number has shown a clear increase year on year. As of now, 109 middle or high ranking cadres have been investigated, with almost two thirds of them at or above the provincial level. Those under investigation are from various sectors of the country, including judicial departments, finance, environmental protection, as well as sports. A survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics last year showed that more than 90% of the Chinese public say they are satisfied, or relatively satisfied, with the country's achievements in anti-corruption, an increase from 75% in 2012. And besides just hunting down corrupt officials, many are calling to institutionalize the anti-corruption fight.

What has China done so far in terms of institutional reforms to fight corruption?

Let's start with the "Eight-Point Regulations". It's a policy that has had an almost immediate effect on the way Chinese officials work. In the past, if you were a businessman trying to get a contract for a construction project for example, you might have had to drink a lot at extravagant banquets with Chinese officials. Such banquets would either be paid by you or by public money. But the "Eight-Point Regulations" brought an immediate halt to such extravagance -- if not criminal acts -- and even led to bankruptcy of many high-end restaurants in China and left some alcohol businesses struggling to sustain.

Another impressive effort under President Xi's leadership is establishing a mechanism to capture corrupt officials who have already fled overseas. It's been dubbed as Operation Sky Net. Authorities say that since 2014, the Operation has captured nearly 2,000 fugitives in 70 countries, and recovered over $11 billion. The Operation has cooperated with Interpol and listed the 100 most wanted fugitives, with one third having been brought to justice.

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