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Central Committee targets strict selection system


10-25-2016 12:17 BJT

Full coverage: The Sixth Plenum of the 18th CPC Central Committee

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese government has released and implemented the regulations on the selection of party and government officials. The regulations cover the appointment, duties and the accountability of the Party, and other provisions. The aim is to gradually form a strict selection process, with strict management and supervision of cadres.

"Any suggestions, please feel free to rise and objectively commend," Li Chongxing from Xingguo Couty, Jiangxi Province, said.

The frontline of a grass root party member assessment. Li Chongxing's mission today is to make sure the promotion of a cadre meets the government's requirements.
"First line tracking means going to the working environment of the cadres, looking at the site, and listening to the evaluation. It also looks to enhance daily understanding, through document tracking, comprehensive analysis, cadre inspections in terms of abilities, and improving the accuracy of cadre inspections," Li said.

Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee has carried out several special inspections involving 175 central units in 31 provinces, cities and special work units in Xinjiang production and construction corps.

The team has launched the investigation of 350 cases.

5853 people have reportedly breached the laws in cases of buying and selling official positions, fraud, "promotion" in spite of problems, and assault promotion.

"The key minority cadres, especially leading cadres, must hold on, must choose good, and be sure to manage. With a scientific mechanism for good cadre selection, we must be sure to prevent "promotion" in spite of illness problems," Professor Xie Chuntao, Party School of The Central Committee of The CPC, said.

In September last year, the former secretary of the municipal party committee of xinxiang county Li Qinggui, was removed from his post due to the failure of meeting Party standards of discipline. In another case, the secretary of the municipal commission for discipline inspection Wang Bingji, failed to enforce the implementation of supervision responsibilities.

"After we published the news, we wanted to issue a warning to the whole society, that leading cadres must take main responsibilities. This can be done as long as the leading head will assume the main responsibility. I think he's a member of the team, and all of the deputies, will implement their own responsibilities," Xin Xiangyang, researcher with Chiense Academy of Social Sciences At Marxism, said.

In July this year, the central committee issued regulations on the accountability of the communist party of China. Clear accountability focuses on a handful of leading cadres, and signals that irresponsibility will be inspected. At the present, strict management systems and strict supervision of cadres is gradually being formed.

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