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Parents and children bond at picture book exhibition

Reporter: Liu Wenwen 丨 CCTV.com

11-15-2016 00:29 BJT

Picture books have become more and more popular among parents, who want to spend quality time with their little ones. An illustrator who is a father himself has published one such book, featuring stories inspired by life with his own son.

Becoming a superhero, and saving his dad. Well, not once, but many times!

This may be many little boys' dream, and this little boy realized it, through his father's creation. This special exhibition features a picture book titled "Spiderman and his Dad", by the illustrator and author Kong Weimeng and featuring the man's son as a superhero.

"I had been busy all the time, but one day I realized there's something missing in my life -- I spend too much time at work and missing out on my son's growing up. So I started to pay more attention to his life and play with him. My son is a great fan of Spiderman, so in the story I make him the superhero. It started out as a gift for him, but now I want to dedicate it to all the little ones," said Kong Weimeng.

The first day of the exhibition is open to parents and kids for free. What's more, the little ones even get the chance to get their hands dirty at the exhibition hall.

"The picture book is very heart-warming, since the stories are all inspired by their real life. It's created with a lot of love. So watching this exhibition makes me smile. And it's always great to see the kids pick up the brushes themselves, their imagination is limitless," said visitor Liu Siying.

The exhibition also displays some original sketches of the picture book, and some family photos. The illustrator says the creating process matters much more than the picture book itself.

"When I first started, my son was 5 years old. Now he's 8. The kids are growing fast and they are different every day, every hour, every second. Parents, especially fathers, should get more involved in the little ones' childhoods. And I think the picture book is a great medium for parents and their children to bond," said Kong Weimeng.

The exhibition runs in Beijing's southern suburb of Daxing until Nov. 18th.

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