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China's largest high-tech fair opens in Shenzhen

Reporter: Ge Yunfei 丨 CCTV.com

11-17-2016 13:05 BJT

China’s largest technology show has opened in the southern coastal city of Shenzhen. High-tech industries have been identified by the government as the most important economic driving forces of the future.

On Wednesday morning, the 18th China High-Tech Fair began in Shenzhen, the country’s southern technology center.Robots, the internet of things, and the smart city—thousands of enterprises take this opportunity to showcase their best products.

Virtual reality may just be the hottest concept in recent years, and it is taking center stage at this year’s fair. But this time, instead of showcasing single VR games or glasses, dozens of exhibitors have come with more developed and mature products. They look to try and sell a whole set of VR amusement park gaming devices to global customers.

“At last year’s fair you could only see a few VR applications, but now it’s totally different. Now we already plan to sell our products to the EU and America. China’s VR industry almost started at the same time as the U.S.’s, but now I think we’re leading in developing applications,” said Liang Zhensheng, PR direcor of Nined Digital Technology.

At the show is the third generation recovery exoskeleton robot for those patients who have problems to walk. Researchers say, powered by a combination of technologies electric motors and artificial intelligence, it can help some patients gradually recover their neurological systems.

“Now patients can walk 2 to 3 hours with this. But in the next prototype, we plan to reduce the current weight of 25 kilograms to 10 kilograms, introduce more advanced robotics, and use brain wave control systems to make it more intelligent,” said Peng Ansi, senior manager of Shenzhen Inst. of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Science.

The next 5G telecommunication technologies not only can provide a much quicker wireless transmission speed, but also can help disabled people in a surprising way. A helmet for the blind, can collect data from the surrounding environment and send it back to a big data center via a 5G network. This information can then tell the person wearing the helmet necessary information and help them within their environment. And most importantly, this device may be on the market as soon as the end of this year.

“China Mobile plans to establish the 5G network around 2020. This new generation technology increases the wireless transmission speed tenfold. It will bring a revolution to applications like autonomous driving, internet of things and virtual reality,” said Zhou Jiaming, SR General Manager of China Mobile’s Technology Dept.

More than 30 countries from Europe, the Middle East and the United States are also participating at the fair. This high-tech event will last six days until next Tuesday.

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