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Exclusive interview with Israeli Ambassador: 10 Years Visa - a milestone for bilateral ties


11-24-2016 15:39 BJT


Li: Maybe in the first two decades after establishing formal relations, we had enjoyed more FDI from Israel into China. But, now, with China’s Belt & Road initiative, more Chinese enterprises are seeking to go abroad. Do you have any suggestions for them if they intend to invest in Isreal?

Vilnai: Take a visa, go to Israel and start to wander around, you’ll find it. Believe me, you’ll find it. You have of course to organize it before, but at the end the best way is to come to Israel.

You know when I came to the embassy to be an ambassador, it was four years ago, I asked my people, I asked my staff, you won’t believe it, every month (there was only) one delegation to Israel. You know how many delegations now are per month? Hundreds, I believed it was dozens, the visa people correct me, hundreds, every time, all the time.

They visit Israel and this is the best way to do it. The moment you are there, you can see by your own eyes what’s going on, what you can do, you understand what is your ideas and you can work together.

And the best way, just to come to Israel and to see. You don’t need my suggestions, my advices, you will find it. Every businessman will find it in Israel. I’m sure about it.

Li: Many Chinese tourists, who travel abroad love to visit exotic locations. So which are the special places for them to visit in Israel?

Vilnai: First and the most important, it’s not the Dead Sea, it’s Jerusalem. For many people in the world this is the center of the world,for Christian, for Muslims and for Jewish people.

And it’s a vibrant city. You have to be there in order to see it.Being in Jerusalem you are back in history for thousands of year ago. They are the only ones who can look thousands of years ago on earth, are the Chinese and Jewish people.

And being in Jerusalem, it’s wonderful. And I was born in Jerusalem, I grew up in Jerusalem, I lived in Jerusalem. And wandering around to see tourists from all over the world. You can find them, now including the Chinese. And it’s a different phenomenon, China.

Secondly, go to Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a vibrant, modern city with young people. Innovation is the spirit of the city. It’s not directed by someone. It’s happened.The young Israelis,they enjoy to live in Tel Aviv.It’s on the Mediterranean coast. It’s a wonderful place to be.

And last but not least,is the Dead Sea. I don’t have to tell you about the Dead Sea. You know better than me about the Dead Sea.It’s wonderful to be there. So these three points, you must visit in Israel.

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