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Beijing hosts 2016 Looking China Golden Lenses Awards

Editor: Qian Ding 丨CCTV.com

11-28-2016 17:59 BJT

  ‘3rd Prize’ & Best Artistic Presentation Award

The Miao Village - The Village of Lusheng

The film explores a traditional Miao village and the findings of a young British, George Howard Rees-Jones about the crafting process, musical mechanisms, and spiritual connotations of the traditional Miao instrument, Lusheng.

‘3rd Prize’winner - Old Habits Die Hard

The young Portuguese filmmaker Vasco Reis Ruivo shared his observations on Chinese society and its habits, showcasing the Chinese cultural ecology that is at once old and continuously renewing.

‘3rd Prize’winner - Yuan

The film directed by Curran Ferrey (America) is about a hard-working father who has to live apart from his six-year-old son in order to support his family, which is a look into the community of a rural fishing village near East China Sea.

Best Cultural Discovery Awards--Intertwined

Focused on Quanzhou’s puppet play, the film captured the agility and charm of the puppet through the eyes of the young American student Lauren Kesler, showing  the puppet players’ amazing skills and hard training behind-the-scenes.

“Best Organization”are (in chronological order by programs):

Guangxi Normal University, Hainan University, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, Yunnan University, Northwest Normal University, Xinjiang Normal University, Xiamen University, Jilin University, Sichuan University of Media and Communications, Guizhou University, Northwest University, Ordos Cyberspace Administration Office, and Beijing Normal University.

"Looking China" International Youth Film Project is co-organized by the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture (AICCC), Beijing Normal University and Huilin Foundation, which aims to showcase the contrasting simplicity and glamour, the antiquity and fashion of China through unique perspectives of young foreign film makers.


As of year 2016, 101 students from 25 countries were invited to participate in the project. They were stationed in 13 municipality, provinces and autonomous regions including Hainai, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Gansu, Guangxi and Jilin. Every filmmaker would make a 10-minute short film about Chinese culture with one-on-one help from a Chinese volunteer. The project is set to enhance the international influence and attractiveness of Chinese culture and to strengthen the cross-cultural communication, exchange and cooperation among the younger generations in China and abroad.

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