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Personal dreams make up the collective dream

Reporter: Feng Xin 丨 CCTV.com

11-30-2016 06:07 BJT

Exactly four years ago, the Chinese Communist Party's General Secretary Xi Jinping announced his concept of the 'Chinese Dream'. How has this term influenced Chinese society since then?

On November 29th, 2012,  Chinese leader Xi Jinping shared his concept of the Chinese Dream with his colleagues and the media at an exhibition in Beijing.

"What is the Chinese Dream? I believe to achieve the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the greatest Chinese dream in modern history. It is the distillation of the  long-cherished wish of several generations. It represents the collective interest of the Chinese nation and people," Xi said.

Since then, "Chinese Dream" has become a buzzword in Chinese society. How do Chinese citizens understand it?

"When I first heard about the Chinese Dream, my understanding was that once this dream is realized, life will be improved in the countryside as well as the cities.  I myself come from a rural family," A officer worker said.

"Being able to talk about dreams means we have already achieved the basics. Only when the country is prosperous, can we talk about dreams," A delivery man said.

"Four years ago, I was starting a business. My wish was to create an Internet product to replace traditional businesses," A IT staff said.

"My biggest achievement is to earn some money for my children, buy them clothes and study materials, using the hard-earned cash from my own pocket and not having to depend on them," A construction worker said.

"Work harder, earn more and be promoted," A delivery man said.

"Our house and heating system have been greatly improved, so our family's dream has come true. But my own Chinese dream has not been realized yet. To buy an apartment in Beijing. Housing prices are just too high. I still can't afford one, despite the controls on housing prices."

"The Chinese Dream cannot be achieved by one person. It needs us all - migrant workers, startup entrepreneurs, farmers. Only when everyone does their job well, will the dream be realized. "

Well, the notion of the Chinese Dream encourages different interpretations. But how are ordinary people's dreams related to the big Chinese Dream? How do individual ideals match national aspirations? We sat down with Zhao Qizheng, a former spokesperson for the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

"If the nation's goals have been met, but personal ones have not, then the Chinese Dream has not been realized. The majority of people's dreams and the nation's dream are in fact progressing at the same time. The individuals are motivated, and so the country will achieve a great success. We believe that the Chinese Dream is closely related to everyone's own dreams," Former CPPCC spokesperson Zhao Qizheng said.

But China still has to overcome tough challenges if it is to achieve long-term prosperity.

"Our biggest challenge is the economy. How can we keep going? The higher GDP gets, the harder it is to keep growing. That's why we are promoting innovation," Zhao said.

Zhao says many industries such as coal and mining have already reached their limit. The urgency is to find new engines of growth.

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