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Army to recapture Aleppo completely

Reporter: Alaa Ebrahim 丨 CCTV.com

12-08-2016 18:05 BJT

Aleppo continues to face explosions and gunfire in both the government and rebel-held sides of the divided Syrian city. But for supporters of President Assad, full control of Aleppo is just a matter of time.

The battle of the city of Aleppo rages on, behind you can see the districts of Al-Sha'ar and Al-Sakhour recently retaken by the Syrian army. You can also see the intense shelling the army is carrying out and the pillars of smoke doing out of these militant's controlled parts of Aleppo. I was just speaking with the senior military commander of the Syrian army operation in Aleppo and he told us that insurgents inside Aleppo still have a way out if they decide to abide by Syrian army and Syrian government terms which is to put down their weapons and held towards another rebel held district which is Edlin north west of Syria.

According to this military commander in charge of all operation in Aleppo it is inevitable that the Syrian army is going to recapture the city of Aleppo completely, it might take days , or a couple a weeks up to a month. Before the end of 2016 the Syrian army will assume full control of Aleppo ending rebel presence in the city that started since July 2012 when rebel first moved in on the city. As we said in our coverage of the battle of Aleppo many believe that Aleppo could be the turning point for the war in Syria. Putting the government on a course of events that will end with a decisive victory for the government across the country.

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