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'Precision manufacturing' to boost 'design in China'

Reporter: Laura Luo 丨 CCTV.com

12-13-2016 17:03 BJT

Today we continue our Industrial Design series.... China's top industrial design Prize -- the Red Star Design Award, has honoured 300 projects for their outstanding designs and craftsmanship.

The products include air purifiers, underwater vehicles, washing machines and the latest generation of bullet train. The award is aimed at promoting Precision Manufacturing in China and improving intellectual property protection on "Design in China" goods. Our reporter Laura Luo has the details.
This is China's most influential design award -- the Red Star Design Award. The award showcases this year's top designs -- a tea container that best maintains the fragrance of tea, a self-balancing spoon for Parkinson's disease patients, and cool vintage-looking electric bikes. The organiser said the purpose is to boost China's industrial design power.

"The Red Star Design Award can help push for China's industrial upgrade. We know the international markets have long view made-in-China products as poor quality and low cost. In post industrialization era, China is left behind in industrial design compared with developed nations. So we want to boost China's manufacturing through promoting industrial designs. It's good for China, and good for the world. "said Cheng Dongliang,chairman of China Red Star Design Award Committee.

The devil is in the details, as China's industrial design pioneers have realised that precision manufacturing is the key to bring the country's manufacturing industries up to speed.

China's internationally renowned bullet train is the Best of Gold Prize winner this year.

"The latest version of high-speed train reflects precision manufacturing and the advantage of made in China products. It has adopted a 12-metre-streamline shape with the golden ratio. It's designed and manufactured completed by China. And its interior design is more user friendly, with comfortable seats, and lighting. "said Xiao Zhi,Chief designer of CRRC Qiangdao Sifang Co.

The award also encourages designs in daily life too. Huang Baiyang is a visual artist, but he also designs and makes vintage electric bikes.

"Industrial design is very important in our daily lives. We want to make traveling comfortable. For instance, we have five choices for our handlebar to suit different user habits. The whole bike uses a titanium-aluminium alloy, which is very strong, and we developed material for our tires as well.  "said Huang Baiyang,founder& CEO of Munro.

However, there are still debates concerning good design versus commercial success. Liu Guanzhong is the founding father of China's first industrial design faculty.

"We should not design for making money. Now the whole China's design industry is somewhat led by commercial value, it's a wrong direction. We see good young designers who are not money oriented, such as the car designers in GAC group's Trumpchi cars, they are down-to-earth. And I know designers who are studying how proper shoes can help alleviate symptoms of cerebral palsy in children. They are the ones that should be promoted.  "said Liu Guangzhong,professor of Academy of Arts & Design,Tsinghua Univ.

Then what should be the essence of industrial design?

"The core of industrial design is to give people a healthy good life, not pursuit fashion or extravagance life style." said Liu Guangzhong.

The good news is that more and more industry experts and companies have started to tackle China's copy-cat issues, and are calling for stronger legal supports.

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