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China-US relations face uncertainty


12-19-2016 05:59 BJT

US president-elect Donald Trump is making some very sensitive remarks on China, raising the concern that the relationship between China and the United States will be more uncertain in the future.

Are China and the United States going to get along? That is a big question now.

"He is either a dove or a cock...He is somebody who ran agains the political establishment of US in a way no one has ever done and won," James Peck, seniro reseracher of Pangoal Institute, Professor of History in New York University, said.

And Trump is poking China by unprecedented means, including on Taiwan.

"Some people in Taiwan is may feels like they had won a lottery, but in general, I think Trump is completely making Taiwan a pawn, a leverage to bargain with China," Wang Yizhou, vice chairman of School of International Studies, Peking University, said.

And in economic sector, Trump is criticizing China's exchange rates and encouraging American companies to move their production lines back to the US.

"The basis of the US's powerfulness and prosperous is because of its openness and cooperation with other nations. If it decides to destroy the basis, and turn to protectionism and suppressing other currencies. It will be a double edge sword," Wang said.

With the US back out from the TPP, China may have more freedom in promoting its Road and Belt initiative. It is the stability and prosperous in Asia Pacific region that will benefit both countries and the world.

"Kissinger recently said that the world is in chaos and there has to be someway that the US and China could work on stability and I put it little differently I think the world will be in a constant instability, but that's all the more reason that China and US to deal with a world in some way chaotic and unstable," Peck said.

In less than a month, Donald Trump will swearing in to became the 45th president of United States. Between China and US, it will be the begin of a new chapter, or the end of one.

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