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Contingency plan to tackle air pollution in Shanxi

Reporter: Hu Chao 丨 CCTV.com

12-20-2016 03:39 BJT

China's meteorological department says the polluted air will not disperse until Wednesday. It is likely to reach its peak on Monday night. North China's Shanxi Province has been covered in serious smog this winter. Local authorities have been issuing serious warnings and adopting tougher measures to cope.

Similar to the situation in Beijing, Taiyuan, the capital of north China’s Shanxi Province, has been shrouded in thick smog, separating the city from clear blue skies.

Taiyuan and many other cities in the province have been suffering from severe air pollution since the beginning of winter. So far, many warnings and alerts have been issued throughout the province. And, tougher measures have been taken to combat the polluted air.

The provincial Environmental Protection Department has announced that the number of vehicles in Taiyuan, Jinzhong and Linfen will be restricted based on license plate numbers from Friday through to Wednesday. The vehicle restrictions have put additional pressure on the local public transport system."

"In spite of vehicle restrictions, I think more people should use public transport to relieve traffic as well as reduce car emissions," said Taiyuan resident from Shanxi Province.

Some are also saying that their health has been affected by the heavy smog.

"Yes, our life has been affected. Many of my family members are suffering from upper respiratory diseases.”

As the air quality continues to worsen, the province has initiated emergency plans in ten cities to tackle the smog, including measures to close construction sites and reduce factory emissions. But in the city of Jinzhong, some construction sites are violating these measures. They were asked to halt operations at once and were issued a warning filed by the provincial Environmental Protection Department.

"We require that all construction activities should be suspended and an overhaul of all construction sites should be started to ensure full implementation of the emergency measures," said Zhang Quansheng from Shanxi Environmental Supervision Group.

Meanwhile, kindergartens and primary schools have been suggested to reduce outdoor activities or even cancel classes if the air quality continues to deteriorate.

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