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Celebrations take place in newly-freed Aleppo


12-24-2016 10:15 BJT

In Syria, government fighters are dismantling explosives left behind by rebels. Although celebrations are taking place in the newly-freed city, CCTV’s Alaa Ebharim tells us more about the realities of the nearly six-year civil war that has left the city in shambles.

A night of celebrations in Aleppo--a long awaited event for the remaining residents of the city that has been torn apart by years of violence.

By Thursday evening vehicles carrying the last rebel fighters had left eastern Aleppo, ending a series of battles that began in July 2012 when militant fighters first moved in on the city.

Ever since then, Aleppo was a divided city, with rebel forces controlling its eastern districts, and western areas under Syrian government control.

"All I can say is thank God that we are here now. The past few days have been very difficult," an Aleppo resident said.

But as the sun shines on Aleppo, the consequences of war stare the city's population in the face. In the past three weeks, over 130-thousand people have fled eastern

Aleppo and are now waiting for a chance to go back home. Many families lost loved ones and collateral damage is immense.

"Where do we go now? I thank the army for saving us, but what can we do now? We lost our husbands and children. What can we do now?" local resident said.

"We estimate the value of damage at 850 billion Syrian pounds -- almost 2 billion US dollars. And now we have to accommodate thousands who have been left homeless," said Najwan Saied, head of Social Affairs Dept. in Aleppo.

But in one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, life goes on. Hours after fighting in the city ended, workers were trying to mend whatever could be mended.

In the freezing cold, workers and soldiers warm themselves around the fire. Some of them have finished their battle, but for the others, the road ahead is still long.

After years of relentless fighting the Syrian government forces have finally managed to retake the city Aleppo a decisive victory, that is expected to put the whole country on a course of events that will end with a decisive victory in favor of the government.

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