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Call for Belt & Road article & video submissions

Editor: Qian Ding 丨CCTV.com

01-26-2017 11:35 BJT

CCTV.com Panview page will open a new Special Reports page to highlight China’s Belt & Road Initiative, which is expected to build major infrastructure projects in the Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe regions.

The initiative will transform the global economy with construction of more roads, railways, shipping ports and airports, along with logistics hubs for energy, manufacturing, science & tech innovations centers in countries that join the Belt & Road initiative.

Chinese President Xi Jinping holds a grand vision to boost policy coordination, facilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people bond between China and the world.

CCTV.com Panview is encouraging students, business people, scholars, experts, or the like, en route the B&R nations and organizations, to submit articles, 500-800 words, or short videos, within 3-minute long, HD, MP4 format, to explain your thoughts on the Belt & Road Initiative.

You can select to write on one of our listed topics:

1. How can China explain the Belt & Road (B&R) to the world?

2. What are cultural benefits of the B&R?

3. What are economic benefits of the B&R?

4. What are some of the challenges the B&R faces?

5. What is the best method to implement the B&R?

6. What does B&R mean to your country?

7. In what aspects can your country cooperate with China under the B&R framework?

8. How can your country make the B&R successful?

9. What are the unique cultural characteristics and national situation of your country which might influence its cooperation with China on B&R?

10. How will the B&R impact you?

11. What role do you wish to play in the B&R?

12.What is your opinion on the future of B&R?

13. Do you have any special links to B&R?

14.Do you know any stories related to B&R?

15.Have you ever experienced any interesting or unforgettable time in China?

You can select from one of these topics to write your article. We prefer your article in English, but also receive them in Chinese.

For your articles or videos, please send them to:


Please submit it soon, so we can post your article on CCTV.com Panview. For those who are willing to write a series of articles on these topics, we can even open a special column for him/her.

Thank you and have a good day.

CCTV.com Panview team

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