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Migrant workers return home as prospects brighten


02-13-2017 09:25 BJT

A rare family reunion. For the past decade, Wang Ping'an and his wife have worked in southern China's Shenzhen. They had to, but regret over leaving the family behind.

"I tried to make a living at my hometown back then, but it's difficult for me to land a job. Then I went to the provincial capital Chengdu, but failed to find a job. Then I decided to try my fortune in Shenzhen." said Wang Ping'an, a migrant worker from Sichuan Province.

The local government has organized a job market at the railway station. Wang Ping'an carefully sorts out some possible job prospects. When he finally gets a job, he decides to stay.

"I can feel that more and more companies here are recruiting in recent years. It's a result of the economic prosperity. I believe that more and more people would seek a life back home." said Wang Ping'an.

"For decades, workers from the rural parts of China have prioritized job opportunities in the country's more developed eastern provinces. For many, it's an opportunity to increase their income and their level of professional skills. Now, however, with economic conditions improving in China's hinterland, many of them are opting to stay put, immersing themselves in the local economy and society." said Meng Qingsheng from Suining, Sichuan.

Many of the local companies are expanding their businesses. It's a result of the low cost of labor here and favorable policies by local governments.

"We really welcome those who had worked in eastern coastal provinces. Because they would share with us some of the most advanced ideas, including technological improvements." said Li Chun, human resources manager from Sichuan Liankai Lighting Company.

Seventy percent of the population in Suining City are living in rural areas. And half of them used to work as migrant workers in more developed regions. But now, the trend comes in a reverse way.

"The number of companies are increasing here. And they provide much better salaries and treatments than before, which attracts back those working outside. People can not only take care of family members but enjoy local convenience." said Zhao Ting, director of a employment agency, Suining city.

Wang Ping'an is working to build a new house for his family. For him, it's a time to mend detached family ties, and end the migration. With job security at home, he is able to support the whole family.

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