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Support business growth agenda for win-win US-China relations

Editor: Qian Ding 丨CCTV.com

03-20-2017 10:58 BJT

By Greg Paschall, President of Paschall Global Group, based in Houston, TX. USA

As a business insider who helps Chinese enterprises expand into the US markets, I hold a refreshing and unique perspective about the future, as well as having keen insights on the crucial significance of moving forward on stronger and more prosperous US-China trade and investment ties.

Right now, many Americans have "fallen asleep". They need to work harder, study more and adapt more quickly to the rapid changes of our international business climate.

However, the Chinese have shown that they are succeeding where Americans appear to have gone into a state of decline. They are developing their nation's economy at a rapid pace, and remain steadfast to support an entrepreneurial culture.

In the past few decades, China's economy has been unleashed that leans on innovations, hard work ethic and 'never say die' attitude. A number of key factors can explain why the 'Chinese Dream' has become a success story.

First and foremost, the Chinese keep exploring a growth agenda. Its citizens have a huge hunger to learn and absorb new subject matter that could benefit them in the long run. They are acheiving tremendous results by making deals fast and moving money quickly to sustain profitable momentum for the years ahead.

Additionally, many Chinese business people stay action-oriented. They work hard every day and every week. They insist on accomplishing specific goals, while drawing up plans with defined objectives so they can work better as a team and search for ways to continue to upgrade career performance levels.

Nonetheless, many Chinese companies face challenges, since some lack more-informed expertise on the management side, but they have learned to "pivot" and adapt quickly.

Chinese business recognize the value of holding meetings to find solutions with brainstorming sessions in order to maximize results.

They are willing to scrap failed efforts and to make the necessary changes at the early stages before the problems grow larger and more insurmountable to resolve.

Hence, the Chinese companies that are willing to work more closely with American businesses are poised for even greater success, so long as they make continuous efforts to overcome obstacles, stay open-minded to creative solutions and keep working hard.

Many Americans who have worked with Chinese companies do anticipate that China's economy will remain vibrant, stay "Great Again," while Americans have grown more divisive and discordant in regards to the country’s domestic political dialogue and that's crushing America's once great entrepreneurial spirit.

Fortunately, the US has just reached an amazing turning point as President Donald J. Trump entered the White House and he's fighting for all Americans to reignite their entrepreneurial spirit, which is the same attitude that has led to China's economic greatness.

Accordingly, meetings of top leaders to be held between the two nations hold so much symbolic meaning. The US and China are the two largest economies in the world, while China maintains strong GDP (gross domestic product) annual growth rates and the US hopes to return to its former economic glory days.

Certainly, Washington and Beijing will not agree on everything, which may include matters of trade, exchange rate, globalism, and other sensitive topics, but top leaders' face-to-face meeting will demonstrate that despite areas of antagonisms, they can still talk and engage in productive dialogues and exchanges.

Besides, let's not forget from the business side that by allowing people to reach their potential, individually or collectively as a society, then we can "make both the US and China Great Again" for win-win results that create peace and prosperity for our entire world.

 Greg Paschall is Managing Partner of Paschall Global Group, a boutique business consulting & advisory firm, serving outbound Chinese enterprises. He is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with degrees in Finance and Economics. greg@paschallglobalgroup.com


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