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Master creates online platform to teach martial arts


04-12-2017 09:21 BJT

(Source: CGTN)

Martial arts has been an essential part of Chinese culture and a calling card of the country. And when it comes to the genre, Zhao Jilong is the man. Practicing martial arts from the tender age of five, Zhao set out to master several styles. Now the Kung Fu master has created an online platform to teach martial arts.

Every Thursday night at eight o'clock, over 30 martial arts enthusiasts around the country meet virtually in a WeChat teaching group, learning traditional Chinese martial arts.

Zhao Jilong has been practicing qigong and kungfu since he was 5 years old. His specialty is internal power. Using his knowledge of different martial arts styles, he gradually developed his own technique, which features a mix of combat methods, kung fu, healthy living, and a practical training system.

Zhao used to focus on actual combat, and won many fights. This made him start to get cocky and led him into a lot of trouble. However, his experiences living abroad changed his approach.

Zhao looks forward to helping more people get to know traditional Chinese martial arts. 

However, the number of students Zhao Jilong can teach through traditional teaching methods is very limited. So in 2014, his partner Liu Xin proposed setting up a platform on WeChat, one of the most popular social networks in China. Zhao was strongly against it at first...

With this mindset, Zhao and Liu set up this online platform. Zhao uses it to break down the obscure aspects of traditional martial arts into pictures and videos that students can understand easily.

While communicating with the students, Zhao Jilong found online is actually a very good and practical teaching method. It also saves Zhao a lot of energy and frees him up to teach more students. 

Zhao Jilong has now taught over six-thousand students since he opened the platform. And he also has around 300 thousand followers on WeChat. But Zhao is not only teaching kung fu. More importantly, he also wants to pass on the profound elements of traditional Chinese culture.

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