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Feeling unity, Israeli embassy celebrates Independence Day in Beijing

Editor: Qian Ding 丨CCTV.com

05-08-2017 17:55 BJT

By Tom McGregor, CCTV.com Panview commentator and editor

The State of Israel and People's Republic of China stand as two nations that have overcome numerous challenges and exceeded expectations to succeed as sovereign nations.

The Israelis and Chinese feel a common bond, who have achieved amazing deeds despite all odds. The Israel Embassy of China hosted a special commemoration of its 69th Independence Day at the Imperial Ballroom of Beijing Four Seasons Hotel.

 Israeli Embassy celebrates Independence Day in Beijing  Photo/Li Shouen

Israel's Ambassador to China Zvi Heifeta, accompanied on-stage by his wife Sigalia, delivered a keynote address in front of hundreds of dignitaries, including Chinese government officials, business leaders, diplomats and superstar entertainers.

Attendees could enjoy in festivities of a staged-performance of Yiddish traditional music, performed by a mixed Chinese-Israeli band. The food was delicious served in an exquisite atmosphere.

Shared similarities of success

Israel has risen to prominence for a vibrant economy, since many domestic firms have scored high marks for innovation and global prominence in the science & technology fields.

Meanwhile, China's current success story is about the country's surging advancements in the hi-tech sector. Companies from both nations have collaborated often in R&D (research and development).

China and Israel support a PPP (public-private partnership) approach to boosting their respective economies. Private firms are working with government and academia to make advancements for profit and the greater good.

The reception welcomed numerous dignitaries who have had held long-standing friendship ties with each other.

Both the Israelis and Chinese maintain close family relations and support a close network of business ties that help them to rise together in good times and offer help in bad times.

Bridging traditions for harmony

To think about China is to ponder its 5,000 year cultural heritage; the land of Confucius, Buddhism, Peking Opera, as well as inventions, including paper, fireworks and kites.

Israel can lay claim to its Jewish heritage that has lasted for more than 7,000 years. The story of the Bible's Old Testament is a tale of the founding of Jewish faithful.

And for many Chinese, they feel an attachment to Buddhism, a religion that encourages people to perform good deeds. The moral and ethical principles of Buddhism and Judaism have remarkable similarities.

The two religions emphasize: Do unto others what you would want people to do unto you. This explains why the Chinese and Israelis promote harmony for the common good of a community.

Looking to the future

By reflecting on our history that can help a society develop its game plan for the future. They can look at the great achievements of the past and ask how it was accomplished and then pay attention to historical problems to determine how tragedy can be avoided.

The Chinese and Israeli peoples have long histories for deeper reflection. They have a shared culture of success and tragedy. Hence, the Israelis and Chinese hold a deep emotional connection with each other.

On a business level, Chinese and Israeli companies have developed closer ties for mutual benefits. It's no surprise many of the Israel's top deal-makers are cooperating with Chinese firms.

The reception at the Beijing Four Seasons stood as a major networking event for some of the top power brokers in China.

Unity for China and Israel

The reception also commemorated the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the peoples of China and Israel. Ties for 25 years did not seem like a long time, but witnessing the strong bond between China and Israel, it's safe to assume that the two nations stand likely to maintain bilateral relations for hundreds of more years and that’s what worth celebrating most of all.

 Tom McGregor, CCTV.com Panview commentator and editor


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