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Fengshui inspires Sydney artist to design waterfalls

Editor: Qian Ding 丨CCTV.com

06-09-2017 10:06 BJT

By Tom McGregor, CNTV Panview commentator and editor

Fengshui is a Chinese concept that seeks balance between architecture and nature. A follower of the philosophy believes one should live in a home that blends with its natural landscape.

In the Chinese language, feng means wind and shui is water. Living in tune with the natural surroundings is considered to bring a homeowner positive energy, which could enhance their lives, improve family relations, careers and health.

Fengshui is grabbing greater popularity in Western society, especially since more Chinese are traveling and living abroad, and Chinese traditional culture is gradually being researched, recognized and accepted by Westeners.

Meanwhile, the fengshui influence has captured the hearts of many Australians, who are inclined to support environmentalism but wish to pursue prosperity. They want to breathe fresh air and live in comfort with modern-day amenities.

Crown Group Holdings, a leading Australian property developer, has teamed up with artist - Mika Utzon Popov - to build the country's tallest man-made waterfall at the site of a proposed 4-tower residential project that is scheduled to begin construction with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony in Sydney on June 17.

The design drawing of Australia's tallest man-made waterfall at a residential project   Photo drawing by Mika Utzon Popov

Crown Group is developing a new residential complex for wealthy residents in Sydney's 'Green Square.' The waterfall can serve as a reminder that fengshui could give extra luck for them.

Meanwhile, the Sydney-native artist Popov comes from a family with strong connections to his hometown. His grandfather was Jorn Utzon, chief architect of the Sydney Opera House, which has garnered global recognition for its unique design.

Creativity runs in Mika Popov's blood, but more importantly his love for nature has drawn him to design major artworks all over the world with fengshui sentiments.

Fengshui masters say water is connected to money, while waterfalls or its image could usher in a never-ending flow of abundance.

Of course, we should not rely only on a waterfall to make ourselves wealthy, but the energy from water can inspire people to work harder.


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