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Golden Jubilee family gathering: 'One Country, Two Systems' to remain unchanged for 50 years

Editor: zhenglimin 丨CCTV.com

06-27-2017 11:22 BJT

By Li Shouen / Qian Jingtong, CCTV Reporters

No matter whether it's for people from the East or the West, or those in ancient times or today's modern era, a lasting affair is far more preferred and pursued, though not easily obtained, especially in our fast speed society when people are faced with so many temptations.

But last night (June 26), we were lucky to join in a big Golden Jubilee family gathering of more than 50 couples in Tsuen Wan District in Hong Kong.

Golden Jubilee family gathering in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong  Photo/Wu Yuehong

It's part of the series of celebrations for the upcoming 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, co-organized by the Committee of Celebrating HK's Return by All Walks of Life in Tsuen Wan and Home Affairs Department of Tsuen Wan.

Mr. Gao Wenxin and his wife, both in their 70s, shared their cheerful moment with us. Mr. Gao arrived in Hong Kong in 1979 from Xiamen, Fujian Province and his wife followed him, 5 years later.

Mr. Gao Wenxin and his wife at interview with CCTV.com Photo/Qian Jingtong

Mr. Gao Wenxin and his wife at interview with CCTV.com Photo/Qian Jingtong

Although compared to mainland cities at the same period, Hong Kong offered more opportunities, life was still hard for them at the beginning. They settled down in the 'heavenly' metropolis and had strived for a better life with their own hands.

After years of hard work, they are living a happy and comfortable lifestyle, with four generations in their family; among them some are living in HK and others in the US or Australia.

Mr. Gao told us, since he had experienced the colonial period, he felt a strong sense of pride when witnessing fast development of the mainland. "Only with a strong motherland behind us, can we have confidence and won’t be discriminated anymore."

His wife added, "Ever since HK's return and with the motherland becoming stronger, I feel it's easier for me to get along with the neighbors."

Both Mr. Gao and his wife are thankful to the government of HK Special Administrative Region (SAR). They agree that with all those measures taken by the SAR government, including providing better medical benefits, offering privileged transportation benefits, organizing various activities for seniors, etc. their life is becoming more energetic and colorful. The wife added humorously, "With the SAR government’s support, my daily routine is just eating and playing now."

Mr. Chen Heqing and Ms. Li Yuzhen, is another couple who were invited to the activity. They also came from Fujian Province, but another city - Fuzhou in 1973 and 1981 respectively. They also witnessed their ups and downs during the past four decades and experienced the 'before and after' of HK's return.

Mr. Chen Heqing and Ms. Li Yuzhen at interview with CCTV.com  Photo/Qian Jingtong

The couple said, without the HK government's efforts, which is backed by the Central Government, they might not live in such a reassuring and contented life at the moment, and there would not be the occasions of the Golden Wedding Anniversary gathering.

Also in attendance were two families with five generations.

Group photo of family representatives of one family with five generations Photo/Qian Jingtong


Group photo of family representatives of the other family with five generations Photo/Qian Jingtong

Mr. Chen Yaoxing, President of Committee of Celebrating HK's Return by All Walks of Life in Tsuen Wan is also a 'migrant', from Macao to Hong Kong, and with over 60 years’ history here in HK. As the main organizer of the series of celebrations, he feels proud that all activities have been warmly welcomed by local people.


Mr. Chen Yaoxing at interview with CCTV.com  Photo/Qian Jingtong

He said the Golden Jubilee family gathering event has been praised by HKSAR's incoming Chief Executive Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor.

The message the organizers want to extend is: While Hong Kong was handed over in 1997, the central government reaffirmed that the 'One Country, Two Systems' policy would remain unchanged for 50 years, and today we invite 50 couples who have been married for at least 50 years to echo the 'unchanged' promise.

He explained that for a couple to maintain a lasting and peaceful relationship, mutual trust remains of fundamental importance; and under the 'One Country, Two Systems' policy, the Motherland and Hong Kong, should rely on each other, support each other and share the joys and sorrows together.

He insisted Hong Kongers should take this attitude and only when people from all circles follow the rules of 'One Country, Two Systems', and abide by the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, can the policy stay unchanged for 50 years.

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