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Looking China: Dreams Made of Wood


11-08-2017 15:44 BJT

Full coverage: ‘看中国’外国青年影像计划专题

By CCTV.com Panview

Editor's foreword: "Looking China" International Youth Film Project is co-organized by the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture (AICCC), Beijing Normal University and Huilin Foundation. The program focuses on the young participants’ personal experiences of Chinese culture and encourages them to discover and tell Chinese stories from their own perspectives.

As of the year 2017, students from all over the world were invited to participate in the project. They were stationed in 12 municipality, provinces and autonomous regions here in China. Every filmmaker has worked out a 10-minute short film about Chinese culture around the topic of "Craftsmanship·Inheritance·Innovation.”

The movie "Dreams Made of Wood," directed by Veronika Kuznetcova and produced by Ou Sichao, shows the daily life and heart-felt dreams of a shipbuilding family. Lin is a member of a big shipbuilding family in Fujian, southern China. In the 18th century, the family was founded by his grandfather Yang Hongyin. The demand for ships has long been huge with five generations of the family embarking on the business. The shipbuilding family has become a part of the history of this place.

It has been more than 100 years since the factory was opened. Shipbuilding is not just ordinary skills, it's a complex craftsmanship. What's more, fewer and fewer workers know how to build a wooden ship. Few people want to inherit the skills of wooden shipbuilding. It’s expensive to build wooden ship and wood is hard to come by. More people choose to make steel ships now. So For Lin, how to pass down his skills is one of his major concerns.

To solve the problem, he got an idea. He is going to build models of ships that were popular in the heyday of the wooden shipbuilding era. So he leave the models to the next generation of builders.

The movie has a very interesting beginning and the music at background fits the frames as well. It successfully depicts the life of a seaside Chinese fishing town. If you like to know more about the development of a fishing town in China, this is a good movie to watch.

This is our last episode of Panview's "Looking China" series of short movies for 2017. Our team had selected 32 excellent ones out of the 100 movies filmed by youths from across the world to bring viewers a glimpse into the various craftsmanship that has been originated and developed in China. We hope you enjoyed watching them.

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