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Chinese-Americans developing new political power in America

Editor: Qian Ding 丨CCTV.com

11-09-2017 16:50 BJT

By Jianyu Hou, Writer, Translator, Co-founder of AmeriChinn Company based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Chinese American Alliance (CAA), a non-profit organization, held its 1st National Conference on October 28, at Northwest University, Chicago, IL USA. Here are some message it conveyed.

Unfairly treated in the past

The active participants of CAA are first generation immigrants from China mainland who came to the USA in the 1980s and 1990s, with top educational backgrounds of the best universities in both China and US.

After decades of hard work, they settled in the New Continent with good savings and children. Their career achievements had benefited from the diversified culture that didn't go too far when they first moved here.

But during the eight years of the Obama government, diversity has been misused as a weapon to divide the country and weaken the whole Asian community. Media and colleges constantly talk about race and relate anything they can to racial animosities, through which they create hatred among different races in America.

The Obama government also promoted the Asian disegregation act that separates the whole Asian community based on their countries of origin, aiming to deprive the equal rights and benefits of Chinese-Americans relating to education, healthcare, and career opportunities.

Chinese immigrants and visitors have both become the targets of street robbery, burglary, and even murder, because those who live on social welfare benefits often cannot appreciate the hardworking values and have been spoiled, not facing adequate punishment under the protection of Obama's biased policies based on race preferences.

The values that the Democratic Party promote run contrary to what the Chinese community believe in, and the policies carried out by the Obama government have negatively impacted their rights and interests, especially the violation of our educational equal rights.

The emerging political power

As more and more middle-class Chinese families can afford sending their children abroad to study, parents are likely to help them have an experience in another country with different cultures. So not only the Chinese-Americans who have already settled care about their political rights, but also those who are willing to visit the US for study, work, and business need a safe and equal political environment. 

Chinese-Americans should not hesitate forming their own nation-wide political organization. The Chinese-Americans Alliance was established by a group of like-minded pioneers, whose mission is to promote the conservative values of traditional American families. Their aim is to safeguard the rights to equal protection, with an emphasis on Chinese and Asian American communities. They also strive to foster dialogue and ensure fair opportunities among all Americans.

The CAA took only two months to get the start-up process ready. The members in CAA working team come from more than half of the states in the US, including Illinois, Florida, Oklahoma and Washington D.C., etc.

(Group photo of CAA representatives at the 1st National Conference on Oct. 28, 2017 in US  Photo from Jianyu Hou)

On its 1st National Conference, local CAA leaders shared their stories about how their political preferences have changed from liberal to conservative and have become disillusioned with the Democratic Party. Several speakers mentioned that the traditional Chinese values have a lot of similarities with the conservative values of America, including hardwork, meritocracy, faithful family values and respecting law and order.

Using reasons to protect our rights

One participant born in the US said that, unlike some other political groups emphasizing their victimized situation and encouraging hatred towards other communities, CAA is constructive, not hateful or rationalizing violence.

In addition to participants from the Chinese community, the Conference also invited several experts from other communities talking about their common values and political experience. The experts gave lectures to the audience on legal and financial issues involved when operating a political organization.

It's also good to see that some of the Chinese-American speakers were charismatic politicians running for offices, eager to promote conservative values and captured large support from local communities.

Thanks to the pioneering Chinese immigrants, they have built a positive image of the Chinese community that also benefits newcomers. Nowadays they fight for the well-being of our future generations. The conservative Chinese-Americans will welcome this historical opportunity to improve the political status of the Chinese community.

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