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Building a self-innovation China


03-10-2006 17:36

Self-innovation has become a top priority to advance science and technology in China. Chinese President Hu Jintao launched the drive to build China into a self-innovative country by the end of 2020 early this year during the first national science and technology conference in the 21st century. Authorities say they are fully aware of the challenges ahead, but they're optimistic that science and technology will play a more constructive role in the next 15 years. Our reporter Zhang Lu takes a closer look from the press conference held at the on-going NPC session this afternoon.

China's minister of science and technology Xu Guanhua says a clearly-defined timetable of science advancement is necessary for the country's long-term prosperity.

To build a comprehensive well-off society, he says China needs to sustain an annual GDP growth rate of more than 7 percent for 40 consecutive years, from the start of the reform an opening policy to 2020.

Xu Guanhua said: "To realize the goal, China has to increase the contribution of science and technology in the GDP from the current 39 percent to 60 percent. Without this guarantee, it's almost impossible to accomplish the task of doubling the GDP by the end of 2020."

Officials say the self-innovation ability of Chinese companies is crucial to enhance the country's competitiveness in the international arena. They note it's an important part of the 11th five-year development program to encourage self-innovation by domestic companies.

Zhang Xiaoqiang, vice minister of Nat’l Development & Reform Comm., said: "In the next five years, the central government will set up 100 state-level engineering laboratories and push for the construction of 50 state engineering project research centers in the fields of the Internet, coal mine gas monitoring and digital equipment. These moves will help build technological centers in several hundred large-scale enterprises in various sectors."

Vice Miniser of Eudcation Zhao Qinping said China's universities will play an important role by breeding more innovative talents, improving professional training, joining hands with the insdustrial sector, and promote social cultural development.

And the Treasury Ministry also released its blueprint. Assistant Treasury Minister

said the central government will increase its investment to create a favorable environment for Chinese enterprises to bring their creativeness into full play.


Editor:Wang Ping