Exam candidates: Relax and take a rest

High school graduates across the country are about to sit one of the most important exams in their lives, the National College Entrance Examinations.


FIFA cancels age limit on players switching nations

Soccer´s world governing body FIFA decided to remove the age limit on changing national teams when its congress convened in Nassau, Bahamas on Wednesday.

Bin Laden accuses Obama of following Bush´s steps

Al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden said in a latest tape broadcasted on Wednesday by pan-Arab TV channel al-Jazeera that U.S. President Barack Obama will follow the steps of his predecessor George W. Bush.

NASA sets June 13 as date for space shuttle Endeavour´s launch

NASA managers completed a review Wednesday of space shuttle Endeavour´s readiness for flight and selected June 13 as the official launch date for the STS-127 mission to the International Space Station, NASA said Wednesday in a press release.

Tan Xue going down, young rising

China won a silver and bronze at the Sabre World Cup Grand Prix in Tianjin last weekend. Top fencer Tan Xue had a hard time and her young teammates made some impression.