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  • World's highest bridge opens in Southwest China

    Guizhou province in southwest China is already home to seven of the 10 highest bridges in the country. And the Beipanjiang Bidge, now the world’s highest, has just opened to traffic. Clearly with a good head for heights, CCTV's Liu Yang visited this latest example of how Chinese engineering now ranks among the best in the world.

  • China on Abe visit: Reconciliation needs sincere reflection

    The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said Japan should avoid trying to move on from the country's historic brutality without sincere and deep reflection.

  • China upset at name change of Japan's Interchange Association in Taiwan

    China has urged Japan to adhere to the One-China policy, after the country renamed its Interchange Association in Taiwan to the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association. The Association represents Japan's interests in Taiwan.

  • Studio interview: How to define and deal with 'campus bullying'

    To discuss this, we are joined in the studio by Mo Jihong (莫纪宏), Vice President of International Association of Constitution Law. Q1: How is the term "campus bullying" or "campus violence" legally defined in China? To what extent should violent juveniles receive mercy? Q2: Should schools be held responsible for campus bullying? Or are parents to be blamed for such cases?

  • Violent videos posted online expose bullying on campus

    A string of videos showing bullies beating up their victims were posted on Chinese social media platforms this year, exposing the seriousness of campus violence in China.

  • Top procuratorate introduces measures to prevent campus bullying

    The Supreme People's Procuratorate has held a press conference, to introduce preventive measures, and listed typical bullying cases to better identify and resolve them.

  • Crossover: Impact on cities along Shanghai-Kunming line

    What will this route mean for the cities that lie along it? Let's go live to our reporter Lin Nan in Shanghai.

  • Xi highlights importance of combating corruption

    At the top of our program is China's anti-corruption crackdown. President Xi Jinping has presided a meeting within the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee to address the situation. He said the party must realize the importance and severity of combating corruption.

  • President Xi telephones Ban, praises achievements

    As Ban Ki-moon's second term as UN Secretary General draws to a close, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to him via telephone on Monday to praise his contribution to promoting world peace and prosperity, and to deepening ties between China and the United Nations.


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