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  • Beijing to expect heavy rain

    Beijing meteorological authorities warn that the capital will experience heavy rain from Sunday night to Monday.

  • Family explores farming model to survive urbanization

    Since farming barely generates sufficient income nowadays, can rural families still live on their land without having to migrate to cities? In the second episode of our Rural Recovery series, one young man and his family in a village in Sichuan province give it a try.

  • Southern regions set for hottest weekend of year

    Rains continue to batter the northern areas of China, but the mercury is soaring in the south. China's weather authority issued an orange alert for high temperatures this morning. It's the second highest level under the country's four-tier warning system.

  • Studio interview: ASEAN cautious in talking about the issue

    For more on the South China Sea issue, joining us in the studio is Su Xiaohui, Deputy Director of the Department of International and Strategic Studies at the China Institute of International Studies.

  • Sub-anchor: Massive construction projects underway

    Sunday marks the fourth anniversary of the establishment of China's newest city, Sansha. Over the past four years, the region witnessed massive construction projects undertaken by China. The latest achievement is the successful trial flights on the two new airports on Zhubi and Meiji reefs, two of China's southmost reefs in the South China Sea. Our reporter Han Peng was there.

  • White Paper: China is firm in upholding sovereignty over Nanhai Zhudao

    The Chinese government issued a White Paper in response to The Hague's arbitration, which stressed that China is firm in upholding its sovereignty over the Nanhai Zhudao or South China Sea Islands and their surrounding waters.

  • China seeks to forge East Asian economic community

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of the dialogue partnership between China and ASEAN. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin reviewed the cooperation between China and ASEAN in the past 25 years, and said China is prepared to promote the construction and materialization of the East Asian economic community by 2020.

  • Over 14 million people affected in N China disasters

    The Ministry of Civil Affairs says more than 14 million people in ten provinces across northern China have been affected by natural disasters like floods and hails.

  • Mayor of Xingtai apologizes to victims, refugees

    At the press conference on Saturday night, the mayor of Xingtai city apologized over the Qili River flood incident.


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