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  • Xi sets China's science & technology targets

    Chinese President Xi Jinping set the target of China becoming a leading power in science and technology (S&T) by the middle of this century as he addressed a major S&T conference on Monday.

  • A sporting favorite among kids in NW China counties

    With the 2016 World Cup approaching, China is once again swept up in the football frenzy. For many Chinese fans, it's a shared dream to become a world football superpower, and to witness the Chinese team lifting the World Cup trophy one day. And this group of ten year old boys from Shaanxi Province might just be the ones to realise it.

  • China expects G20 to spearhead economic growth

    Spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, says China expects the upcoming G20 summit to build consensus and lead the way for global economic growth.

  • China outlines 3-phase innovation-driven dev't strategy

    China has drawn up an innovation-driven development strategy reflecting its ambition to become a leader in science and technology in the next few decades. The blueprint was released by the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council.

  • Three major technology conferences open in Beijing

    Three major Chinese technology conferences open in Beijing today, namely the national congress of China Association for Science and Technology, the National Technology Innovation Conference, and the conference of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  • China unveils world’s longest wooden dragon boat

    A total of 1,600 strong men have carried a 77.8-meter-long wooden dragon boat to a river on Saturday in Shibing County of southwest China's Guizhou Province.


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