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Chinese warships warn US destroyer after it enters waters of Xisha Island

China has slammed the US for sailing a warship around South China Sea islands in the region, saying the move was a 'serious illegal act' and 'deliberately provocative'.

Three Chinese warships make call in Vietnam

Three Chinese warships along with hundreds of military personnel arrived at Vietnam's newly opened Cam Ranh international port on Saturday.

Chinese naval officer says visit to help boost ties

A visiting Chinese naval fleet to Vietnam's Cam Ranh International Port arrived on Saturday. The naval fleet is on a five-day visit and looks to promote bilateral ties and cooperation between the two nations and navies.

Aleppo ceasefire ends with clashes

Fierce fighting and air strikes broke a unilateral Russian ceasefire in the divided Syrian city of Aleppo on its third day. The first Syrian or Russian air strikes on Aleppo since Moscow began the four-day pause in hostilities on Thursday hit a key front line in the city's southwest.

Iraqi troops move toward Mosul a week into offensive

The army in Iraq has pushed into a town near the Islamic State-held city of Mosul on Saturday. The advancement comes a day after dozens of militants stormed into the northern city of Kirkuk.

Thousands of Venezuelans protest following suspension of recall referendum

Thousands of Venezuelans protest following suspension of recall referendum

Galicia attracts 60% of all Chinese investments in Spain

Galicia attracts 60% of all Chinese investments in Spain

Thousands gather and pay tribute to late Thai King Bhumibol

Thousands gather and pay tribute to late Thai King Bhumibol

Outsiders fight their way up in big city

China is mulling new plans to bolster development of rental housing. The State Council is encouraging individuals to rent out their own homes, and transforming commercial real estate into rental housing.

Beijing grants first batch to migrant workers

And great news for migrants in Beijing, as the capital issues its first batch of residence permits. This is in line with a new residence permit policy that the Beijing government released earlier in October.

Migrant population in 2015 reach 247 mln

China is a vast country and its people are constantly on the move to seek better opportunities for their future and careers. So what's the migrant population looking like?

Alert lifted, heavy downpour to batter eastern China

To start our program today with the devastating effects of Typhoon Haima. China's weather authorities lifted the typhoon alert on Saturday morning, as the storm weakened when traveling further north.

Chinese warships warn US destroyer

A US Navy destroyer sailing around the islands in the South China Sea drew warnings from two Chinese warships to leave the area.

Iraqi army retakes Hamdaniyah

Iraqi security forces have been making progress as a major offensive continues to seize more ground around the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the last stronghold of the Islamic State militants in Iraq. The Iraqi army freed the town of Hamdaniyah, some 40 kilometers southeast of Mosul and the nearby Christian village of Karamlis on Saturday.

Libyan pro-gov't forces retake 5 buildings from ISIL

In Libya, another anti-ISIL campaign is going on. Libyan forces recaptured five additional buildings from the extremist group in a neighbourhood of Sirte city.

Election officials suspend Maduro recall drive

In Venezuela, another blow to the opposition's efforts to oust President Nicolas Maduro from office. The country's electoral authority has blocked plans for a recall referendum. The opposition says it's not giving up and will continue the nationwide protests.

Multiple extremist attacks in Kirkuk, 24 killed

In Iraq, at least 24 people were killed after Islamic State launched a major assault on the city of Kirkuk on Friday. The assault came as Iraqi and Kurdish forces advance on Mosul in preparation for an offensive on the jihadists' last major stronghold in the country. The extremists attacked several police stations and a power plant near the city.

Beijing, Manila release joint statement

The Philippine president paid his first state visit to China earlier this week. Beijing and Manila released a joint statement near the end of this trip.

CETA in crisis as Canadian minister walks out

EU leaders wrapped up day two of the summit in Brussels. Discussions centered on trade and specifically, the deal between Canada and the EU called CETA, also known as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. After seven years of talks, EU leaders failed to convince Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium to approve it.

US political jokes take sharp turn at charity gala

The US presidential debates were tense and heated. And that same atmosphere was replicated at a white-tie dinner and fundraiser in New York. Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton traded light-hearted jokes but the sharpened barbs also made their acrimony clear.

Where are displaced Iraqi civilians supposed to go?

For more on what will happen to these displaced Iraqi civilians, we earlier talked to a political analyst from the US.

280,000 evacuated in Shenzhen city

In the metropolis of Shenzhen close to Hong Kong, 280,000 people had to flee their homes when Typhoon Haima arrived.

UN Human rights body adopts resolution on investigating abuses in war-torn Aleppo

The UN's Human Rights Council has passed a resolution calling for enhanced investigation of rights violations and abuses in Aleppo.

Xi stresses confidence in China's path, but no complacency

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that confidence in the path, theory, system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics is crucial to carry forth the Long March spirit, and China should keep marching forward.

China: US Navy patrol in the South China Sea 'illegal, provocative'

The Chinese defense ministry is protesting against a patrol by a US Navy destroyer in the South China Sea. The ministry says the move was, as it puts it, "illegal" and "provocative".

Three Chinese warships make call in Vietnam

Vietnam will receive three Chinese warships from Saturday at its newly opened Cam Ranh international port from Saturday to Wednesday.

Duterte says will not sever ties with Washington

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he is not severing ties with the US, but wants to "separate" Manila's foreign policy from Washington's.

China urges Japan not to intervene

The Chinese foreign ministry has asked Japan not to meddle in China-Philippine relations. This was in response to Japanese media reports that Japan's government urged the Philippines to uphold an arbitral award on a South China Sea territorial dispute with China.

At least 24 killed amid ISIL attacks on Kirkuk

In Iraq, at least 24 people have been killed, after ISIL militants launched a series of attacks on the government-controlled northern city of Kirkuk.

Iraqi security forces fight counter-attack in Kirkuk

Dozens of Islamic State (IS) militants on Friday carried out multiple attacks in the Iraqi northern city of Kirkuk targeting security and local government buildings, as the Iraqi and Kurdish security forces are pushing to recapture territories around the city of Mosul in preparation for the final offensive on the IS last major stronghold in Iraq.

Growing Chinese brands explore overseas markets

The 120th session of China Import and Export Fair, or Canton Fair, is underway in South China’s Guangzhou city. Over 24,000 exhibitors are participating in it. Six decades since its launch, the fair has witnessed the development of a great many Chinese brands, helping them expand their overseas reach.

Studio interview: Profits decline in property market

For more on the housing prices, we are joined in our studio by our current affairs commentator, Mr. Li Yong. Welcome. Q1. Property developers saw deficits in the first half of the year. Should we be concerned about financial risks associated with the sector?

Philippines expects cooperation with China

Friday marks the last day of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's trip to China. Infrastructure construction was the key word on the final day of his visit.

Studio interview: The Long March spirit lives on

For more on the Long March spirit, we are now joined in the studio by Mr. Wang Xuewen. He's the deputy president of International Business Daily. Welcome. Q1. What can we learn from the Long March spirit today?

Strong storm lands in Guangdong

Typhoon Haima, packing maximum winds of 160 kilometers per hour at its center, made landfall in the coastal city of Shanwei in South China's Guangdong Province at 12:40 pm today. This is the 22nd typhoon of the year and it has already bashed the Philippines.

ECB survey sees steady long term inflation expectations

The ECB said in its Survey of Professional Forecasters on Friday that long-term euro zone inflation projections remain well anchored near the European Central Bank's target, but GDP growth will be weaker than earlier thought.

UK's May tries to reassure EU on Brexit

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May tried to reassure EU leaders over Brexit when she attended her first European Union summit on Thursday in Brussels, but she was told by French President Francois Hollande to prepare for tough negotiations.

Economics not firm enough to support currency

The yuan has lost almost half of a percent against the greenback so far this week, and is set for a third straight weekly loss.

Sky rail offers alternative public transport option

Here's what might ease China's congested roads and reduce pollution: a new type of electric-powered public transport. While the new light rail system in Shenzhen could be a major boon to China's public transport industry, can it really help reduce the number of cars on the streets?

At least 1,500 arrested amid state of emergency in Ethiopia

Ethiopian authorities have arrested at least one-thousand-five-hundred protesters for violence and property damage, under a six-month state of emergency which was declared less than two weeks ago.

South Africa the second African country to pull out of ICC

South Africa has confirmed its plan to exit the International Criminal Court, and a formal notice of withdrawal has been handed over to the United Nations. It's the second African country to pull out of the ICC, after Burundi.

Studio interview: Third term for Abe?

For some insight on the impact of a potentially longer Abe administration, we were joined by Yang Xiyu, a senior fellow at the China Institute of International Studies.

Belgium seeks unanimity over EU-Canada trade deal

Belgium says it can only back the EU-Canada trade deal if there is an unanimity. In a phone call early on Friday, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel spoke with his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau said officials from the EU and its Wallonia region failed to find a compromise.

UN Human Rights Chief: Aleppo a 'slaughterhouse'

UN Human Rights Chief, Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, has called the Syrian city Aleppo "a slaughterhouse" and urged the Human Rights Council to set aside "political disagreements" to focus on civilians. He says rights violations and abuses in rebel-held areas of eastern Aleppo "constitute crimes of historic proportions."

Chinese bike-sharing platforms raise $200 mln

Two of China's biggest bike-sharing platforms have secured millions of US dollars from the country's tech giants. Shanghai's MoBike raised a 100 million US dollars funding from partners like internet giant Tencent Holdings. Beijing-based oFo also secured 130-million US dollars from investors including ride-hailing app Didi and smartphone maker XiaoMi.

Airlines in Bangladesh and South Africa impose ban on Samsung Note 7

Biman Bangladesh Airlines and South African Airways are among the latest to announce a ban on the troubled Samsung Note 7.

US to keep commitments despite Duterte's comments

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has said Washington intends to keep its alliance commitments to the Philippines.

Ruling Liberal Democrats pave way for longer party presidential tenure in Japan

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic party has decided to revise party rules to extend the maximum tenure for party presidents. The move could possibly allow Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to run for a third term in 2018.

Fighting in Mosul forces thousands to flee

The Mosul offensive is sparking a humanitarian crisis. According to the International Organization for Migration, as of Thursday the current operation in and around the city has already forced over 5,600 people to flee their homes.

Multiple ISIL attacks in Kirkuk city

Islamic State militants in Iraq have attacked several government buildings and a power station in the northern oil city of Kirkuk. Police report that at least 24 people were killed during the pre-dawn attack.

UN response to attempted coup in Tripoli

Friday marks a week since the attempted coup by militias in Tripoli against the UN-backed government in Libya. The administration is demanding the arrest of those behind the plot.

Int'l tech brands attract young people in a fashionable way

Fashion and technology. It might sound like an unusual mix. But in Dubai, leading international tech brands are trying to stitch the two together

Tax reform at epicenter of economic overhaul

We talk about China's economic reforms -- but often on the macro-level. This week -- we're going to dive-in to look at economic transitions at regional and corporate levels. Today, we begin with corprate tax.

Asia mulls lifting capital flight monitor

The Chinese yuan’s foreign exchange rate has been volatile in October .

China's capital outflow eases in the first three quarters

The spokesperson of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Wang Chunying, said on Friday that the forex rate of renminbi is generally stable right now.

China's housing sales prices partly decline

China's National Bureau of Statistics said real estate sector has been stabilized, because of the effects of regulatory policies.

Sub-anchor: Housing sales prices partly decline

China's National Bureau of Statistics released its monthly survey on home price in 70 major cities.

Multiple people injured after magnitude-6.6 quake in Japan

Reports are just coming in of an earthquake in western Japan. Multiple people reportedly have been injured in the earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6.

Alibaba reveals world's first VR payment app

One of the most popular catch phrases in the tech world this year is, of course, virtual reality. And it won't surprise you that the VR industry is branching out beyond entertainment. Alibaba subsidiary Ant-Financial has just revealed the world's first payment application that works in the virtual world. The company aims to roll out its VR Pay to the masses by the end of the year. While it sounds cool enough, is your wallet ready for it?

China's property market shows signs of cooling following new policies

China's red-hot property market in major cities has shown signs of cooling after authorities stepped in with a spate of measures to contain sky-high prices, an official survey showed Friday, citing fresh data for the first half of October.

Long March spirit still matters for the Chinese

This week, the Chinese people nationwide are reflecting upon their shared history over the 80th Anniversary of the ‘Long March.’

Full Text: Joint Statement of China and the Philippines

A joint statement released by China and the Philippines on Friday

Central bank fixes yuan/USD midpoint at 6.7558

The Chinese yuan slipped to a six-year low against a strong US dollar. On Friday, China's central bank fixed the daily yuan dollar midpoint at 6.7558. That's 247 basis points lower than the previous setting, the biggest decline since the end of August.

UK sends warships to watch Russian aircraft carrier

Britain has sent warships to monitor a Russian aircraft carrier group and other vessels in the North Sea. The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and its task force are making transit by sailing through the North Sea and the English Channel.

Kurdish-controlled Erbil feels few shockwaves from Mosul

The capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq is only 80 kilometers from Mosul and 50 from the frontlines of the one of the country’s largest ever military operations. Yet the city of Erbil so far has felt few shockwaves emanating from the conflict.

Yingluck fighting to maintain influence

Thailand's ousted prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra said the military has ordered her assets seized and fined her over a rice subsidy scheme.

Xi demands strong army, solid troops

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged building a solid national defense and strong armed forces that are commensurate with China's international status and national security and development interests.

Severe typhoon Haima makes landfall in south China

Weather authorities say Typhoon Haima has made landfall in the southern Chinese city of Shanwei. Eastern coastal areas of Guangdong Province have been battered by strong winds and rain.

Typhoon Haima edges closer to Hong Kong, causes city to halt

Typhoon Haima has brought transport and public services in Hong Kong to a standstill. The city issued the No. 8 Northwest Gale or Storm Signal earlier today. This is the first time Hong Kong hoisted the signal since 1995.

Xi says Long March never ends

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday called for carrying forth the spirit of the Chinese Red Army in the Long March eight decades ago and moving forward in "a new long march."

Xi calls Long March "human miracle," "epic"

Chinese President Xi Jinping said the Long March was "a great feat in human history," "epic" and a "human miracle".

US reaction to Duterte's 'separation' announcement

The White House said it has not received any official requests from Manila to change cooperation between the two countries. But, Duterte's 'anti-U.S.' sentiments and statements have caused anxiety in Washington.

Philippine president announces 'separation' from US

The Philippine president also announced that his country was cutting its ties with the United States, expressing his desire to become more dependent on China instead, both militarily and economically.

Studio interview: Long March guiding the way forward

Joining us again is Zhang Yuanyuan, the former Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand and Belgium. He is also the translator of the book 'The Long March: The Untold Story' by Harrison E. Salisbury.

Lifestyle transformation in Yan'an

Tthe city of Yan'an in Shaanxi Province is known for its cave dwellings, where communist revolutionaries stayed and established their headquarters. Today, cave houses are still there, some people still live inside but more are moving out. Preserving the cultural heritage and moving forward, can we do both at the same time?

Interview: Development potential of Yan'an

As a cradle for the Chinese revolution, the city of Yan’an has a special chapter in the annals of Chinese modern history. In the past decades, Yan'an also has seen advances in its economy, such as in red tourism and agriculture. However, the old revolutionary city has many challenges ahead.

Historian talks on Long March, hardship and spirit

Despite 80 years having passed since the heroic journey, the spirit of the Long March continuous to have tremendous influence on China's society and ideology. Earlier, my colleague Asieh Numdar interviewed a historian, who shared his opinions on the Long March's hardship, spirit and long-lasting legacy.

Studio interview: Why do we still mark this epic journey?

For more discussion on this, we are joined in the studio by Mr. Liu Baocheng, Dean of the Center for International Business Ethics at the University of International Business and Economics.

Crossover: Commemoration held in honor of revolutionary spirit

Now for more on the commemoration, we are joined by our reporter Han Peng here in Beijing.

CPC leaders gather to honor spirit of revolution

Leaders of the Communist Party of China have gathered in Beijing to mark the 80th anniversary of the Long March victory.

Long March a "stately monument": Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping has hailed the Long March as a "stately monument" in the history of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Convention commemorating 80th anniversary of Long March victory begins

A convention was held on Friday to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Long March at the Great Hall of the People in downtown Beijing.

China property market sees notable retreat in Oct.

China's high-flying home prices in major cities have been "markedly contained" by authorities' property curb policies, an official survey showed on Friday, citing fresh data for the first half of October.

Crossover: Long March commemoration to begin

CCTV reporter Han Peng is at the Great Hall of the People. Let's go live to him right now.

Promo: The Long March

Promo: The Long March

Over 22,000 guns destroyed in South Africa

Over 22,000 guns destroyed in South Africa

Nations urged to accommodate Paris Agreement in polices

Nations urged to accommodate Paris Agreement in polices

Buhari vows to redouble efforts to free remaining girls

Buhari vows to redouble efforts to free remaining girls

China welcomes WTO report on U.S. anti-dumping duties on Chinese imports

China's Ministry of Commerce on Wednesday welcomed a World Trade Organization (WTO) panel report which ruled the United States violated WTO rules in 13 anti-dumping measures imposed on imports from China.

China, Philippines eye for enhanced economic ties

China and the Philippines on Thursday pledged to improve economic ties through cooperation.

China releases two pandas to the wild

China released another two captive-bred giant pandas into the wild on Thursday in southwest China's Sichuan Province, in an attempt to diversify the species' genetic pool.

Russia extends Aleppo airstrike pause by 24 hours on Thursday

Russia on Thursday began another humanitarian pause of airstrikes to allow rebels and civilians to flee the Syrian city of Aleppo, a cease-fire the Kremlin extended by an additional 24 hours.

Trump suggests he might challenge election results

Republican candidate Donald Trump refused to say on Wednesday that he would accept the outcome of the Nov. 8 US presidential election, leaving open the possibility he would challenge the ultimate outcome.

Typhoon Haima heads towards China's Guangdong

Typhoon Haima is approaching south China and is expected to land in south China's Guangdong province on Friday.

Intense fighting on day 4 of the Mosul offensive

Iraqi security forces on Thursday recaptured a town from Islamic State (IS) militants near the city of Mosul, as major offensive continued to seize more ground around the city, a security source said.

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Three Chinese warships make call in Vietnam

Three Chinese warships along with hundreds of military personnel arrived at Vietnam's newly opened Cam Ranh international port on Saturday.

China: US Navy patrol in the South China Sea 'illegal, provocative'

The Chinese defense ministry is protesting against a patrol by a US Navy destroyer in the South China Sea. The ministry says the move was, as it puts it, "illegal" and "provocative".

280,000 evacuated in Shenzhen city

In the metropolis of Shenzhen close to Hong Kong, 280,000 people had to flee their homes when Typhoon Haima arrived.

Duterte says will not sever ties with Washington

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he is not severing ties with the US, but wants to "separate" Manila's foreign policy from Washington's.

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