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CCTV Correspondent

Sean Callebs
Based in U.S.

Sean Callebs has been a network reporter in four different decades. He comes to CCTV with more than 20-years experience at CNN, where he covered a wide array of stories. Sean was CNN’s point person based in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Sean also put a face on the problem of poverty in the United States when he lived on food stamps for a month, and was nationally recognized for his work as the number of people dependent of food stamps surged from about 26-million to more than 32-million in the United States.

Sean has worked in a number of countries including China, Cuba, Guatemala, Afghanistan, Jordan, and Kuwait. He reported from Ground Zero in New York for weeks in the aftermath of the attacks on 9-11.

Sean also anchored news programs on CNN and CNN Headline News, and was in the anchor chair the morning Saddam Hussein was captured in Iraq. Sean also got the only interview with Timothy McVeigh’s co-conspirator in the aftermath of the horrific attack on the federal building in Oklahoma City.

Sean has been widely recognized for his work –among his awards, a National Emmy for his coverage in the aftermath of the Mississippi River flood in 1993. He received a Gold Medal at the New York Film Festival that same year for a documentary on Alaska three years after the Exxon Valdez Spill. He won numerous awards for spot news reporting, including that involving Hurricane Katrina, and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Sean also served as a diplomat in 2011 in Afghanistan working for the US State Department in helping rebuild the TV, radio, and film industries in Afghanistan.

He is a distinguished alum from Marshall University, and delivered the commencement address at the University in 2010.

News Reports

China: Progress in greenhouse gas emissions

China is taking steps to improve its air and water quality -- as well as fight climate change. It is one of the nations pushing for tough measures in the Paris Climate Agreement adopted nearly a year ago. China recently outlined some more specifics.

Live crossover: US media react to Tiangong-2 launch

For more discussion, we're joined by our correspondent Sean Callebs in Washington.

Live crossover: World leaders urge restraint

For more, we are joined by our correspondent Sean Callebs from Washington.

Crossover: 70 more reported dead in Bastille Day Attack In Nice

A truck rammed into crowd in Nice, southern France, killing dozens and injuring around 100, local media reported early Friday.

Dallas Police Chief: Officers being asked to take on too many roles

As protests over recent police shootings of black men continue around the United States, the Dallas Police Chief made a plea to the government. He says too many of society’s ills are being left to the police to solve.

Crossover: Obama: no clear evidence killer was directed by terrorist network

We go live to our correspondent Sean Callebs in Orlando for more.

Crossover: Obama calls for stricter gun laws

For more on this, we're joined now by our correspondent Sean Callebs who's standing at the scene of the attack in Orlando. Sean, thanks for joining us.

Thousands attend memorial service for Ali

A memorial service has been held in Louisville, Kentucky to remember boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Thousands attended the interfaith service held at a local sports arena. The ceremony was followed by a private burial.

White House shooting: Suspect in custody, lockdown lifted

A lockdown at the White House has been lifted, following a shooting nearby. Federal law enforcement officers have swarmed the area, and an investigation has begun into the incident. CCTV's Sean Callebs has more from Washington.

Crossover: Obama to attend Gulf Cooperation Council summit

For more on U.S. President Obama's visit to Saudi Arabia, we are joined by our correspondent Sean Callebs from Washington.

Expo in Washington highlights nuclear security

An exhibition of nuclear products has been held in Washington. It showcases the most cutting-edge nuclear products and technologies, and highlights the issue of nuclear security.

Crossover: nuclear energy leaders meet in U.S. captial

Crossover: nuclear energy leaders meet in U.S. captial

Preserving Hemingway's legacy in Cuba

Preserving Hemingway's legacy in Cuba

Calvin Coolidge: Last U.S. president to visit Havana

It's 88 years since a US president last set foot in Cuba. That man was Calvin Coolidge. CCTV's Sean Callebs looks back at Coolidge's reasons for visiting Havana.

Wang Yi: Visit to set the tone for diplomatic ties

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has met with US President Barack Obama at the White House on the final day of his visit to Washington.

Wang, Kerry see progress on UN resolution on DPRK

Top diplomats from China and US have discussed tensions on the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea issue in Washington. Wang Yi and John Kerry said 'significant progress' has been made on a UN resolution on the DPRK.

The impact of 'golden era' on China and UK

President Xi Jinping's visit to the UK is the first one to the European country by a Chinese president in a decade, as it is believed to herald a golden era for the bilateral ties.

Crossover: Big step towards restoring full diplomatic ties between US & Cuba

For more, we're joined live by our correspondents Sean Callebs in Washington DC and Michael Voss in Havana. First from the US perspective,

President of Yemen held captive, agreement reached with rebels

Yemen's President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi is believed to be held captive by Houthi rebels.

U.S. Defense Secretary says changes could cost billions

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered an overhaul of the U-S nuclear program due to systematic problems. This move could cost the Pentagon billions of US dollars, a 10 percent increase on its nuclear program budget over the next five years.

Airstrikes to target IS command centers

The US-led coalition has continued airstrikes on a fresh set of IS targets in Iraq and Syria. The US said it will spend five-hundred million dollars on training Syrian rebels, but insisted the country will not "put boots on the ground".

Afghanistan declares Ghani as president-elect

Afghanistan’s election commission has named Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai the new president of the country.

Crossover: Iraqi military evacuate beseiged town of Amerli

Iraqi military evacuate beseiged town of Amerli

Kurdish region relatively stable in war-torn Iraq

Weeks of fighting across the north between extremists of Islamic State Sunni insurgent group and government troops, has hampered the country’s already fragile economy and put a cloud over its future stability.

Oil smuggling boom in Iraq

Oil smuggling boom in Iraq

Crossover: UN warns of Amerli 'massacre'

UN warns of Amerli 'massacre'

Live cross: Kurdish forces take full control of Mosul Dam

For the latest on what’s happening in Iraq, we’re joined by our correspondent Sean Callebs who is in the northern city of Erbil.

Live cross: IS releases video of James Foley’s beheading

For more on the ground, let’s go live to our correspondent Sean Callebs in the city of Erbil in northern Iraq.

US launches airstrikes as Kurdish forces attempt to retake Mosul

The US is launching airstrikes, as Kurdish forces launch a counter-offensive to retake Mosul dam from Islamic State fighters in the north of the country.

Refugees from northern Iraq live in misery

Tens of thousands of Yazidi and Christians in Iraq have fled their homes, since the Islamic State militant group advanced across the country.

US soldier released by Taliban

After years of searching and diplomatic efforts to free him, US Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is now back with his fellow US troops and making his way home.

Tens of thousands flee in Bosnia and Serbia

In Bosnia and Serbia, it’s hard to imagine the flooding could get any worse. But a second wave of rising rivers is expected to further swamp that area. So far, dozens have been killed, and hundreds of thousands forced from their homes.

Civilian enthusiasts find new uses for drones

Civilian enthusiasts find new uses for drones

Insight: Week-long series investigates firearms in the US

Insight: Week-long series investigates firearms in the US.

CCTV goes inside Afghan security force basic training

CCTV’s Sean Callebs is in Kabul, where he visited the training place for troops who provide security for the election.

Pentagon plans to shrink U.S. military

The Pentagon plans to scale back the US Army by more than an eighth to its lowest level since before World War Two, signalling a shift after more than a decade of ground wars.

Crossover: Snowden's interview gets little attention from U.S.

Earlier, we spoke to our correspondent Sean Callebs in Washington. He told us there was no response from the US on Snowden's latest revelations, and little media coverage.

Live crossover: Snowden gives interview to Germany television

For more, we are joined live by our correspondent Sean Callebs in Washington.

Crossover: Pragmatus says violations mostly on security and GPS

Sean Callebs has this report from Washington.

Weather slowly warms up in Midwest of US

In US Midwest state of Minnesota, people are doing all they can to keep warm in the lingering freeze.

Crossover: Arctic blast to ease in coming days

Now let's speak to our Sean Callebs who's in Minneapolis, the largest city of Minnesota.

United States' experience with lunar probes

The united states is one of the first countries to have sent up probes to the moon. it was the first one to land human being on the moon, providing valuable knowledge for other countries. sean callebs takes a look at its experience with lunar probes.

Crossover: China says it monitored US planes

Now let's go live to our correspondent Sean Callebs in Washington to get US reaction on the latest development.

Crossover: US says not to follow China air zone rules

Now let's go live to our correspondent Sean Callebs in Washington to get more information.

Crossover: US, ROK to hold talks on nuclear energy pact

For more, let’s talk to our correspondent Sean Callebs in Washington.

Demand for acai berry could tip Amazon environment balance

One of the US’ most trendy-- and depending on your taste buds, delicious-- products to come out of Brazil is smaller than a grape. But it packs quite a nutritious punch.

Crossover: US Senate to debate whether to authorize an attack

For more on that, we are joined by our correspondent Sean Callebs in Washington DC.

Crossover: Obama's lobbying team faces uphill battle at home

Let’s go back to our correspondent Sean Callebs.

India poisoning sparks questions about free meal

India’s free meal program helps millions of underprivileged children across the country. But after at least 23 school children died from eating lunches contaminated with pesticides, there are concerns that the program could also be tainted.

Crossover: Gun culture and gun control in US

A gunman has opened fire at an elementary school in the US state of Connecticut. 28 people are dead, including 20 children.

Americas Now 07/16/2012 Submerged

The eastern coast of the United States is fighting a rising tide.In fact, sea levels are creeping up from Boston, Massachusetts to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina more than anywhere else on earth, according to a new study out by the U.S. Geological Survey.