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Nine-Dragon Screen at Beihai Park, Beijing

Chinese dragon is the symbol of power and a symbol of luck. It's a benevolent creature that saved humanity from drought by making it rain. It also controls floods. In some cases, it's symbolic of longevity.

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Antiques of National Museum of China--Stone Carving

In this video, some of the finest pieces of stone carving of the Northern and Southern Song dynasties are selected from the National Museum of China collection.

Antiques of National Museum of China-- Buddhist Statues

Buddhism has shaped Chinese culture in a wide variety of areas including art, literature and philosophy. Here are some collections of Buddhist statues that can be found at the National Museum of China, so let's take a closer look on ancient Buddhist statues.  

Antiques of National Museum of China—— Chinese Porcelain

CCTV.com presents to you a photo-streaming series of Chinese porcelain in under a minute.

Summer Solstice: A glimpse of summer morning in Beijing

The film features the lovely morning scenery in Purple Bamboo Park located in Beijing.

A Day

A young adult daughter composes a note to her dad to tell him “Happy Father’s Day” and to anticipate her arrival at his home. But her friends try to lure her away to go to a local bar. What happens next?

Vivid Sydney's fountain show

Vivid Sydney is a unique annual event that features lights, music and ideas, which is held annually for 3 weeks.

Talking with Winnie the Witch illustrator-Korky Paul

The world-renowned children’s illustrator Korky Paul visited Beijing in May and granted an exclusive video interview with CCTV.com Panview.

Insights on B&R: Belt & Road's success needs careful investment planning

In today's episode of Insights on Belt & Road, the CCTV.com Panview team features an interview with Ravi Amar Prasad, a Yenching scholar at Peking University from the United Kingdom.

Insights on B&R: Building on China-Pakistan cooperation

Pakistan will be a major beneficiary of the B&R, since Beijing has declared the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as the "flagship" project that would open an energy and manufacturing hub in Pakistan's rural region near its border with China.

Insights on B&R: Contributing to Kenya's industrialization

In today's episode of Insights on Belt & Road, the CCTV.com Panview team features an interview with Harriet Kariuki, Yenching scholar at Peking University, from Kenya.

Insights on B&R: Chile: Maintaining flourishing trade ties

In today's episode, the CCTV.com Panview team features an interview with the Chilean Ambassador to China, Jorge Heine, who talks about how his nation has maintained “flourishing trade ties” with China in the past few decades and the New Silk Road will expand it further.

Insights on B&R: Belgium: Sharing economic growth together

In today’s episode, the CCTV.com Panview team features an interview with the Belgium Ambassador to China Michel Malherbe.

Insights on B&R: Connecting global communities

In today's episode of Insights on Belt & Road, the CCTV.com Panview team features an interview with Maximilian Römer, Yenching scholar at Peking University, who comes from Germany.

Insights on B&R: Switzerland to keep cooperation strong for China and Europe

In today's episode of Insights on Belt & Road, the CCTV.com Panview team features an interview with the Swiss Ambassador to China Jean-Jacques de Dardel.

Insights on B&R: Singapore builds on AIIB finance platform

Singapore stood as one of the founding members of the AIIB and recognized as a finance hub for the Southeast Asian region.

Insights on B&R: Msimang: it will add value to S. Africa's economy

In today's program, South African Ambassador to China Dolana Msimang talks about how the New Silk Road will add tremendous value to her nation's economy, and will enhance bilateral ties with Beijing.

Insights on B&R: bright future but challenges lay ahead

Poland plays a pivotal role in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, serving as a key gateway connecting Europe with China, particularly with construction of a major freight railroad that runs from Wuhan, China to Madrid, Spain with a major stopping point at Warsaw, Poland.

Impression on a traditional wedding

In most countries, a wedding ceremony lasts for a day, no more than two, but for Mongolians, it goes on for much longer.

Kangding's community spirit flows with Guozhuang Dance

Tibetans take tremendous pride in their history, Buddhist faith and traditional customs. They love to sing and dance as well.

Playing harmony tunes with Muqam music

The film, Harmony, directed by R.C. Pranav, captures the soul of the Muslim community in the town Lukhchin, located in northwest China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

Bai people digging deep roots in Dali

The film, Roots, directed by Luca Agnani takes a closer look at the Bai People, who call the scenic town Dali their home, which is located in southwestern China's Yunnan Province.

Meet the Diplomats: China and Switzerland Join Hands on 'Pioneering Spirit'

In today’s episode, the CCTV.com Panview team feature’s an interview with the Swiss Ambassador to China Jean-Jacques de Dardel.

Meet the Diplomats: China-Belgium Build Bridges of 'Growing Trust'

In today's episode, the CCTV.com Panview team features an interview with the Belgium Ambassador to China Michel Malherbe.

Meet the Diplomats: China-Singapore work together for shared benefits of globalization

In today's episode, the CCTV.com Panview Opinion Page team feature's an interview with the Singaporean envoy to China Stanley Loh.

Meet the Diplomats: Chile Ambassador: China can Lead in Building a Coalition Against Protectionism & Isolationism

In today’s episode, the CCTV.com Panview team feature’s an interview with the Chilean Ambassador to China, Jorge Heine.

Meet the Diplomats: S. Africa Ambassador: Paying Attention to Everything in Two Sessions

In today’s episode, the CCTV.com Panview team features an interview with the South Africa’s Ambassador to China, Ms. Dolana Msimang.

Meet the Diplomats: Highlighting China-Czech Strategic Partnership

In this episode, the CCTV.com Panview team features an interview with the Czhech Republic Ambassador to China - Bedrich Kopecky.

Meet the Diplomats: China-Jamaica Ties Flying High

In this episode, the CCTV.com Panview team features an interview with the Transport and Mining Minister of Jamaica.

Meet the Diplomats: Strong Admirer of China's Globalization- Open Minds, Open Doors

Some countries are looking inward and we might witness a trend of trade protectionism and closed borders. Nevertheless, Kingston continues to support globalist ideals to achieve a more sustainable development path.

Meet the Diplomats: B&R Opens Another Dimension for South-South Co-ops

Jamaica can play a more pivotal role to open the markets of the Two Americas’ (North and South), and to facilitate more cross-border trade and investments for the Africa market as well.

Meet the Diplomats: Grand Vision on Giant Projects between Jamaica & China

The nation would like to build an air cargo field, called Air-O-Tropolis.

Meet the Diplomats: AIIB Membership, Will Jamaica Sign Up?

AIIB has 50 member states enrolled, but Kingston has yet to jump on board.

Meet the Diplomats: Building strong China-Jamaica ties

The CCTV.com Panview team features an interview with the Finance and Public Service Minister of Jamaica.

Meet the Diplomats: RMB Internationalization: From Jamaican Dollars to Chinese RMB

Kingston hopes to launch an RMB settlement program with Beijing in the near future.

Meet the Diplomats: Jamaica Thumbs Up to China’s Free Market Status

Kingston is bucking the trend and has endorsed China’s free market status.

Meet the Diplomats: Chinese Companies Build Masterpieces & Create Jobs for Jamaica

China has provided over $US700 million in loans and investments to build a North-South Super Highway that runs straight across the Caribbean island.

Meet the Diplomats: Jamaica Overcomes 2008 ‘Global Implosion’ with Chinese Help

In the immediate aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis, Jamaica was struck hard.

Swordsmakers keeping it in the family

The swordmaking industry consists of ancient traditions. To craft the best swords, you need blacksmiths who can fire the metal in a furnace and use a big metal hammer to shape it.

Keeping childhood memories alive

One Chinese adult male living in a hutong in Beijing is married, with a young daughter. His home is cluttered with thousands of tin toys.

Ancient Chinese umbrella biz sees no sunshine

Hand-crafted umbrellas are a beauty to behold, but few Chinese people buy them for regular use on rainy days. They are mostly decorations for tourists. The camera crew interviews an umbrella crafstman and factory owner.

Dharma’s Morin Khuur, best instrument for nostalgia

The film, Dharma’s Morin Kuur, directed by Saad Hassan Khan, focuses on traditional Mongolian music and how today’s ethnic Mongolians hold ancient customs dear to their hearts.

Search for shopping market tales in Sichuan

The film, Kindred Spirit, directed by Ethel Chua, follows the lives of regular people residing in Kangding, a city in southwestern Sichuan Province.

Playing a Mongolian bride

For every woman, her wedding ceremony is one of the most important days of her life.

The Sons of Yili River

Nevertheless, as a Russian minority of Yili River, he is proud of his family heritage, happy to live in his hometown and stays joyful since he can play the accordion whenever he wishes.

Keeping ancient Yunnan alive with traditional cuisine

The film, Man is What He Eats, directed by Fabio Ragni highlights the special cuisine of the Bai people living in Dali, Southwest China’s Yunnan province.

The love song of Kangding

Love Song of Kangding was one of the 10 songs selected by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to represent human kind in space, and it is a love song well-known to most Chinese.

A taste of Wula Manchu Hot Pot -- a sip of succulence

Hot Pot is all the rage in China, from north to south and from east to west Wula Manchu Hot Pot, which originates from the Qing Dynasty in Northeast China, is one of its various flavors.

Children are the future of Dong songs

The film, Dong Songs through Generations, directed by Synne Akselberg, captures the mood of a Dong minority village, which appears to be getting eclipsed by modern times.

Fishing with the birds

Huang has captured global fame after a photograph of him fishing with his cormorant fishing crew was printed in National Geographic magazine.

Guess what? Xi'an has already built the wall

The film, Your world, my Xi'an, directed by Jang Surang Barg, depicts the contemporary times of life in Xi'an.

Palace Lantern-The Light of Hope

The boss will keep the factory open even if it loses more money, since he hopes the younger generation will want to learn more about palace lanterns in the future.

Mother who keeps thinking about her daughter

The film Alice, directed by Beakar Cheakasvill, follows a middle-aged woman who shows Beijing a smiling face, but she’s a worried mother.

Shanghai parents’ search for the perfect bride: Age, Height, Education

The film, Age, Height, Education, directed by Kate Lefoe, takes viewers to Shanghai People’s Park, where parents seeking brides or grooms for their children, post papers with biographical details of their offspring.

Teaming up and sailing ahead on dragon boat races

Dragon boat races tend to be more popular in southern China with its warmer climate, wet weather and rivers surrounding the region.

Shenyang’s skateboarding family stays united

The film, Skating Shenyang, directed by Oscar Ascencio, takes a closer look at a group of young adult skateboarders, who practice tricks on downtown streets.

Getting a taste of Suzhou cuisine on Pingjiang Road

Pingjiang Road appears to be the most popular site for local residents and visitors to grab a bite of authentic Suzhou cuisine.

Bringing camels back from the Silk Road

The film Grasslands, highlights the history and scenery of Inner Mongolian, showing the passion Mongolians have for horses and paying tribute to Genghis Khan’s glory days about 800 years ago.

Changing face of Sichuan Opera

The film, Changing Face of Sichuan Opera, directed by Gerhard Duru features a Sichuan Opera group playing at a theater located in Chengdu.

Portraits for the Xibe minorities in northwest China

The film, Portraits for You, directed by Pedro Nishi, puts a focus on a family living in an isolated village in the mountains of the Xinjiang Autonomous region in northwest China.

Weaving support for Li Nation customs

The Li Nation’s people have a rich cultural heritage and take pride in their unique customs and ways of living.

A day in the life of a Tianjin Taxi driver

The film, Tianjin Driver, directed by Sarah Doering, follows up with an elderly woman who is a taxi driver in the Chinese northern port city, Tianjin.A day in the life of a Tianjin Taxi driver

Getting a sip and bowing to Chan Tea

The film, Chan & Tea One Taste, directed by Luisa Mendez, highlights China’s tea culture as encapsulated in Chan Tea, along with an exploration to its origins and current popularity.

The Guardsman: Keeping vigil for Genghis Khan

The spirit of the Mongolian warrior king, Genghis Khan, continues to live on in the hearts of the people living in Inner Mongolia.

Discovering miracles & more on Meizhou Island

The film, Meizhou Island, directed by Joey Dalla Beta, features an island located in southeast Fujian Province, where the islanders stand devoted to the Mazu goddess.

Korea Town blooms in Changchun, northeast China

The film, Jindalai Flower, depicts ethnic Koreans, who first migrate to Yangbian, China in northeast China’s Jilin Province and later to the big city, Changchun.

Kam Grand Choir performs, but without conductor

The choir appears very playful, more likely to smile and dance, while not taking themselves too seriously. Going to a Kam Grand Choir is more like attending a fun-filled party and worth a visit for those who admire free-spirited people.

Delivering a passion for puppeteering

The film, Intertwined, directed by Lauren Kesler highlights the childlike joys of puppet shows, but the hardships puppeteers must endure to develop their skills.

Bringing Northeast China’s Errenzhuan Opera to the masses

The film, ‘The Flower of Northeast China,’ directed by Austin Kvaale depicts the joys and challenges of an art troupe that performs Errenzhuan, a local Opera in Northeast China, that originated in Jilin Province.

Getting folksy with Songs from Kansu

The film, Songs from Kansu, directed by Pedro Brito, follows the Akyn singer Jianhur from Kansu City in China’s northwest Xinjiang Autonomous Region, who visits a rural village near the China-Kazakhstan border.

From ancient times to Online,Tie Dye shifts to new era

The film director Niki Tomborlesi produced a short documentary, depicting the Bai ethnic minority who live near Lake Erhai by Cangshan mountain, in a place called Dali Old Town.

Discovering the real Goddess Luo

The film, Goddess Luo, directed by Maria Koufoutious, highlights the mysterious world of Peking Opera. In ancient times, all actors of such plays were men, so they had to play male and female roles.

Tattoo artists with Chinese characteristics

The film, ‘Inked Tradition,’ directed by Michael Cannon Miller and produced by Sun Yue, takes a closer focus on Chinese tattoo artists and their efforts to blend classical art with body ink drawings.

Drinking a big bowl of tea culture

The film, ‘Explore the taste of the big bowl,’ captures the hustle and bustle of life in Beijing and how tea helps residents stay calm.

Living the Hainan family life - The Ancient Village

The film, ‘The Ancient Village,’ directed by Yvette Nikolov, a Dutch-native student, highlights the Li ethnic community and their efforts to boost tourism by showcasing special traditional performances and culture tours for Chinese visitors.

Lusheng Play-along in Miao Village

George Howard-Rees Jones, a Lincoln University student, produces a film about a small and remote Miao-ethnic community village set in the backdrop of high lush hills and foggy weather.

Finding a ‘Dancing Shadow’ in Xi’an

When many foreigners think about ancient Chinese art forms, they are likely to see images of puppet shows in their minds. A South Korean student at Chung-an University, Hwang Woo-seung, directs a film in Xi’an that explores the topic.

Singing a tune for ‘My Love-Li Sister’

What’s interesting is that in ancient Li-ethnic custom, if a single man sought to woo a woman to marry, he first approached her by singing and if she replied in song, they were destined to marry each other.

Yakking it up with milk tea, ‘Colours in a Cup’

The producer, director and writer of the film ‘Colours in a Cup,’ Amrit Kour Jastol, a student from Nanyang Technology University, depicts the rich tapestry of Zang (Tibetan) Culture in Kangding, a city in southwestern Sichuan province.

'Search for the Manchus' in today's China

The film directed by Evan Luchkow, ties in the 300-years history and culture of the Manchus people with today’s northeast China.

The Horse Land - a moving tribute to Chinese Mongolian traditional culture

The film stands as a moving tribute to Mongolian traditional culture, admiration for horses and love for nature. It’s a must see for anyone who wish to learn more about the Mongolian-ethnic community living in China.

Exclusive interview with Israeli Ambassador: 10 Years Visa - a milestone for bilateral ties

On Nov. 15, Israeli Ambassador to China Matan Vilnai granted an exclusive interview to CNTV reporter Li Shouen to explain Israeli government’s new policy that grants 10-year visas to Chinese visitors.

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