A Legend of Art and Space
•  The State-owned factories housed in the massive Bauhaus style buildings, including Factory 798, have a history tinged with glory.
Chinese Acrobatics
"> •  The history of acrobatics in China can be traced back to Neolithic times. It is believed that acrobatics grew out of the labor and self-defense skills that the people practiced and demonstrated during their leisure time.
China Hits the Road
•  In 1886, a German Engineer, named Kar Benz, created the first automobile. This horseless carriage has three wheels, with the speed of 18 kilometer/hour.
Churches in China
"> •  The congregation is mostly made up of people who live in the neighborhood. Some families have three or four generations of believers, but the history of Jesus in China dates back much earlier than that.
EU锛岰hina Cooperation Programs
•  The earliest exchange between China and Europe can be traced back to ancient time along the Silk Road.
Koreans in China
"> •  In some cities of China, Koreans make up a large proportion in the local communities. So, in these areas, in many stores and small shopping centers Korean goods are appearing.
Italians in China
•  Many Italians come to China bringing with them an endless array of beautiful products such as clothes, cars and architecture. Their aim is to promote the 鈥渕ade in Italy鈥 label as a normal everyday way of living.
Education in China鈥檚 Rural Areas
"> •  In China, for a long time, due to the restrictions of the natural environment, economic development and traditional ideas, China´s rural education is less developed than that in the city.
The Bar Bonanza
•  Today we鈥檙e going to be visiting some cities and towns around china.Looking into and checking out one of life鈥檚 more pleasant pleasures!
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