•  Where the Old and New Meet in Lhasa
    Jokhang Temple is the spiritual center of Tibet and as a result lies at the center of old Lhasa. This temple reflects the highest level of old Tibetan architecture. Every day, people from every corner of Tibet would make a pilgrimage here.
•  Women on the Plateau
    Tibet was under feudal serfdom before the liberation in the 1950s. It was Tibetan women who shouldered the heaviest labor burdens, but were relegated to the lowest social status.
•  NPC and CPPCC special
    With China opening up to the world, more and more people from other countries are beginning to understand many things Chinese. There are however, several things they might not know, mainly on the political side.
•  Sailing into a New Golden Age
    For a long time, Korea and Japan have ranked the two largest shipbuilders in the world. Trailing on the heels of these is China. According to the latest statistics from the Lloyd´s Register-Fairplay company, Korea, at present, has approximately 53 million tons of shipbuilding orders to fill; Japan, 42 million tons; and China just 13 million.
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