H.K.Chang(Zhang Xingang)-- An educator with a close bond to Chinese culture 04-04-2005 16:37

Professor H.K.Chang is a typical scholar with an engineering background, yet he has taken a great interest in Chinese culture. Professor Chang has played many different roles in his life - educator, chairman of the Hong Kong Culture and Heritage Commission, as well as a radio host for one year.

However, his goal in life has never changed - it is to spread Chinese culture to the people of Hong Kong. He said he is not crazy to become a facilitator of the Chinese culture, but we can see it has become one of his duties.

As the President of City University of Hong Kong, Professor Chang believes in fostering his students to become a "two-headed eagle". He borrows the Russian Emblem as a sort of metaphor to encourage the students at City University who are standing on the land of Hong Kong, to learn traditional Chinese culture while embracing Western knowledge.

Tai-ji theory, which is held by Professor Chang as his life's philosophy, was a theme throughout the show. The relationships between science and humanities, cultures of Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland, and cultures in China and rest of the world were all discussed in the Up-Close studio. Just like the Tai-ji theory, the two dependent opposites must always be in balance, and cannot live without the other. During the show, two special guests from Tsinghua University - Professor Hu Xianzhang and Professor Cao Li also made comments about the integration of culture and science. To the studio audience, they expressed their views on how Tsinghua University is doing in this respect.

"Good evening every one, I'm H.K.Chang." In 1997, Professor Chang was heard by tens of thousands of people through on the radio. His program "H.K. Chang's Capriccio" was broadcast every Monday. It was about music, drama, culture, etc. He was like a super cook, who brought the Hong Kong citizens a big dinner in culture every week. Talking about his experience as a radio host, Professor Chang seemed excited. He was happy to share his interesting stories with the audience, and of course, he would not forget to illustrate his distinct advantage by understanding both Chinese and Western ideals and cultures.

Audience participants were happy to attend the pop quiz in the Up-Close studio. Our host Eyee Hsu and Professor Chang had four questions about traditional Chinese culture. Do you want to know what the questions were? And how Professor Chang thought the audience did? DO NOT miss the opportunity to experience H.K. Chang's amazing life stories.

---Written By Zhang Yao


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