Li Leshi---Female Polar Explorer 05-22-2005 13:00

鈥淢aybe you have no time, energy, opportunity or something else, but you should always have dreams. Why do we work day and night? For our dreams! It is a tragedy when your life is eaten up by endless work, or in other words, at the expense of your dreams.鈥 These are the words of Dr. Rebecca Lee Leshi.

Rebecca has realized her dream by persistently holding on to it step-by-step since childhood. Looking at her photos of a world of snow and penguins, you will suddenly realize that this gentle lady brings us not only the stories of this world, but demonstrates her strong belief in dreams. Despite her courage and free spirit, Rebecca believes her life has always following the prescribed order, which she calls the 鈥 Three Couples of Decades鈥. The first couple of decades: to store knowledge and strengthen her body; the second couple of decades: to accumulate money and experience; the third couple of decades: to realize her dream.

She fulfilled her dream step-by-step by first exploring the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and then visiting the South and North Poles. Today, Rebecca is participating and promoting Polar Region investigation. Through her tough efforts each year, she is relieved to find that the knowledge of 鈥渢he two poles鈥 has become a concept popularized among Hong Kong citizens, which also strengthens the consciousness of environmental protection.

In the Up-Close studio, Rebecca shared her interesting and memorable stories with the audience. She also encouraged young people to go out and travel the world, saying 鈥渋t鈥檚 a good opportunity to train ourselves.鈥 Do you want to hear her stories? Do you want to hear about her most recent dream? Join us on Up-Close to find the answers and to experience this unique lady. -Written By Zhang Yao


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