Lu Yan--China´s Wild Child Of Fashion 10-14-2005 10:13

She has been described by international media as China鈥檚 wild child, half angel and half monster... She is Lu Yan and she鈥檚 a supermodel who can radiate an angelic smile and yet also deliver the chilling stare of a monster. And although she grew up in a poor and remote mining town in rural China, she has conquered the fashion meccas in Paris, London and New York.

鈥淚 never feel I am beautiful, nor do I feel I am ugly. So if I was asked whether I ever thought of cosmetic surgery... well, it is one thing I never considered. I think it is good for me just as this. Besides, if you think I am beautiful, you can glance at me for more times, if not, just overlook me, why bother? 鈥 These are the words of Lu Yan, a supermodel who has been controversial since the start of her career.

Ugly or pretty, Lu Yan has transformed herself from an ugly duckling into one of the hottest international models with her outstanding expressiveness and passion towards life. On November 22, 2000, 19-year-old Lu Yan won Runner-Up in the cosmopolitan World鈥檚 International Super-Model Competition held in Paris, one of the top three supermodel competitions. Although she鈥檚 been called an ugly duckling, she has proved herself as a true phoenix in a fashion world where nobody can replace her.

Listen to Lu Yan鈥檚 story and experience her enthusiasm... she is not only the one with the cool face on the magazine, or the one walking down the catwalk. After this episode of Up Close, you will find that Lu Yan is also just like the girl next door.


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