Wu Jianmin--Commitment to Cross Cultural Communications 10-18-2005 13:46

In his 42 year diplomatic career, he emphasized that communication was the basic function of an ambassador. Although he is retired from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he continues to transfer this belief to future diplomats at China Foreign Affairs University. He is Wu Jianmin, former Ambassador to France.

As Ambassador to France from 1999 to 2003, Wu Jianmin was a great contributor in improving the communication between China and France. Fond of culture, Wu Jianmin hoped to make a breakthrough in the relationship between the two countries. He told us the "behind the scenes" stories of President Jiang Zemin and President Chirac's visits to each other's hometowns and how they agreed to make the China-France Culture Years come true. Both the 2003-2004 Chinese Culture Year in France and the 2004-2005 French Culture Year in China impressed the world.

Besides cultural communication, Wu Jianmin also showed his diplomatic ability in helping China win the bid for the World Expo in 2010. His excellent job gave people such a deep impression that he was elected as President of the Bureau of International Expositions.

Wu Jianmin retired from his diplomatic career in July 2003. But as the President of China Foreign Affairs University, he is still busy with China's diplomatic education. He teaches young students a lesson of Communication by himself. And he also founded China Foreign Affairs University Forum, inviting many celebrities to give lectures. He hopes to create more opportunities for his students to have contact with senior-level and experienced people - to prepare them as future diplomats of China for their future interactions with the elite of many countries.

--Written By He Jieping


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