Sharon´s voice 01-05-2006 13:08

My name is Sharon. I watch CCTV9 whenever I have a chance. I enjoyed so much your program today on Up Close with Annie S.C. Wu (Typhoon Annie)! She seems to be a remarkable woman of many talents. I enjoyed your moderation and the 'set.' where your program is viewed. Also, on your program you featured Han Hong in an interview and as she sang, I believe, "My Homeland." Since I don't speak or read Chinese, I thought it must be that song. I would so much love to acquire some of her music. Please, if you know perhaps a music store in San Francisco, or anywhere in the USA where I may call and order her music. Or perhaps an outlet where I may contact to acquire her music. I thank you so much for your response to this request.


Sharon Magers Ramirez

Editor:Chen Zhuo

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