Around China 2010-04-17

2010-04-17 05:39 BJT

1、Gunpowder-controlled Puppets means that Puppets and marionettes were bound on the frame, and controlled by gunpowder. Such things were invented 1,000 years ago and recorded by a book written in the Song Dynasty. Now they were probably lost. At Tianshuijing of Pucheng, there is a small palce where very few people were making it. Tianshuijing fireworks was invited to perform for French president in 1987. It won an international reputation for our country.

2、Fifteen years ago, a farmer named Huang Chengshu from Qingzhou city, Shandong found two earthen boxes in his own vegetable field. Every box included four naked jade figures standing at four corners-two men and two women. These jade figures were identified as Warring States’ jade figures. Huang Chengshu decided to dedicate them to country.

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