Around China 2010-04-18

2010-04-18 05:36 BJT

1. Today's "Society" was produced before the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which introduced the background of Da Zhao Temple and the history of Huhhot. Many Folk customs would aslo be showed in the celebration.

2. Horse Head and Deer Horn dress was unearthed in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China in 1981. Around the sixth century, This Head Dress is peculiar to the Xianbei ethnic noble ladies During Nanbei Dynasty. It has the significance of avoiding the evil spirits.

3. Ji Gong was a man of great wisdom. He is famous for forcing evil minds to realize their immorality and then influencing them to abandon their previous way of life. In this section of Mosaic, we will go to Tian Tai Mountain to explore the Ji Gong culture.

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